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  1. TL-WN951N

    I've recently purchased TL-WN951N suggested by ox86 wiki thinking it will work on my system. Apparently i was wrong but still i'm still trying to figure out how to get it to work. My Specs: Gigabyte ep45-ds4p Q6600 CPU Valina Kernel 10.6.2 64Bit Everything works 100% expect for this card. I've tried AtherosFix.kext, IO80211Family from netkas.org. Nothing seem to work. Also upon reboot i'm getting kernel panic. Any suggestion would be really appreciated. Kernel Panic LSPCI Output
  2. World of Warcraft and 8800 GTS

    i been having same issue. i never even thought about searching wow forums. thnx
  3. Unofficial Guild Wars port v.1.2.2 & 1.3.14

    Wine comes to the rescue once again. crossover can to the same thing as they are using wine to play most (some) of windows games. Either way thnx for hard work, going to try it see how its going to play on my system....any issues with full screen?
  4. managed to get audio (alc889a) working 99.9% dsdt+custom pin config+LegacyHDA.kext. I do get a pop when i reboot/shutdown from my speakers, and hearing static when i plug in headphones into front audio port. maybe i need to replace my speaker with something new as i had these for a while now. thnx
  5. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    Works 100% with my wusb600n v2 (i've edit kext file from ralink driver website & removed everything else). It would be nice to have 64bit pref pane & app, but other than that it works great. Thank you!!
  6. Installed 10.5.5, now what?

    In a way this is mac vs windows thing but you are right about one thing. You can do same thing on both operating systems. For me mac makes it alot easier and simple to accomplish what i need to do. I was with XP, Vista, different distros of linux. Nothing made me stay with those operating systems, i was switching back and forth. Technical challenge is gone as well, there are things i would like to improve on my mac and still trying fix them, nothin' major though small things here and there. But would i go back to windows full time.....hell no. If you are happy with windows than stay with windows, nobody is twisting your arm to switch.
  7. Installed 10.5.5, now what?

    its your personal choice of what u are going to do with, everyone got a reason for installing mac on their pcs. i moved to mac since i can't stand windows but its my thing.....whats yours????
  8. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    i actually don't have lspci on my system
  9. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    Well i managed to install kaliway 10.5.2 on my nc6000. I haven't test everything in the system just yet, but so far audio works, usb sort of works: when i insert usb key it wont detect it, but it detects it after reboot. dvd-rom works, ethernet (haven't test it), wi-fi doesn't work ive got atheros w500 internal card, tried few tutorials but it sort of detects it but can't turn on. Video is sluggish as i expected, mouse leaves small white square in some places.
  10. HP Nc6000/Nc8000 topic

    This would be something interesting to do since i actually own nc6000, only problem i might have is maybe sluggish video as mine system only has 32MB video ram.