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  1. HP EnVy SleekBook 4t mountain lion

    I've got an HP Envy 4T (4-1043CL), and it has a 30GB mSata drive that is used to support fast booting (6GB), as well as caching (24GB); after I updated the mSata to 128GB, I was presented with an Intel RAID configuration ROM (CTRL-I), but can't access it unless I make a hardware change (like swapping the mSata drives out again). Right now I'm not using the mSata for fast boot or for caching, and I have two OS(s) installed and running (Linux Mint, and Windows 7); I also have a SnowLeo DVD that recognized the mSata drive and allowed me to install, but I still cannot boot.. I can get to the Chimera boot sceen, but I can't boot with any of the kernel flags (-v -f -x cpus=1 arch=x86_64 busratio=20 pcirootuid=0/1 graphicsenabler=yes/no usekernelcache=no usbbusfix=yes npci=0x2000/0x3000 platform=ACPI/x86pc, etc..). What I'm hoping to find out, is how do I know what these setting should be for my laptop.. what sort of cookie crumbs should I be following to see if I can determine what they should be? Since no one has cracked this nut (that I am aware of), I haven't been able to find a graceful solution to this yet.. Here are my system specs (before the mSata upgrade): HP_Envy4T_Specs.txt Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,,!! Thanks, in advance! btw: Mint boots in about 5 seconds..
  2. HP 9700 (dv9910us)

    Wait.. I spoke too soon .. just got qe/ci working on my Dell 530 .. WOW what a difference..! While just booting is still my priority (clearly), qe/ci would be nice too :-) OB
  3. HP 9700 (dv9910us)

    bump (please) .. I'm getting no where .. not concerned about qe/ci right now (Thanks Nick14). I've reached the point where I can get to the initial boot screen (with the 2.5" sata drive in slot#2) and hit F8, and then use the command line to enter kernel parameters .. however the boot crashes as soon after driver loading completes.. I think it may have something to do with the AHCI ... there was warning that the I am using will not work with AHCI.. Interestingly, I show 2 x 'Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller' in the Device manager, and 4 ATA Channels .. (2 Channel 0, and 2 Channel 1). Thanks in advance for your help..! OB
  4. HP 9700 (dv9910us)

    Nick14: I don't know what qe/ci is .. can you school me..?
  5. HP 9700 (dv9910us)

    Hi Nick14 .. thanks for the heads up. Are you saying that I won't get any graphics or that I will only get generic graphics support..? I'm particularly interested in knowing how to get it to work, so please do let me know if you have any insight on this. Many thanks, OB
  6. HP 9700 (dv9910us)

    This HP dv9910us laptop has everything I want (short of HD video) .. and it only cost me $650 retail: 2GHz Turion X2 64 Up to 4 Gb ram 2 X 2.5" Sata slots Lightscribe DVD R/W 17" widescreen GeForce Go7150M (up to 1071MB shared memory) 4 USB, 1 Firewire Webcam & Mic Memory stick slot Wireless, Bluetooth ExpressCard slot Optional TV Tuner & Remote ..yada, yada.. I'm able to boot into the Kalyway 10.5.2 install with no problems, however, I cannot see my sata drives, and can only install on USB drives (which I then cannot boot from). My goal here is to build the system and document the process, so that others that buy this laptop will be able to enjoy OS X on it as well as the Vista Home Premium it comes with. I have tried iDeneb, Leo4All, and I'm starting to believe the nForce Sata controller is not the issue .. in fact, when I boot to windows, I can't even see a Sata controller in the Device Manager. btw: I'm posting from last years model Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, with a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8Gb of 800MHz SDRAM ($399, fire sale now at BestBuy), and Kaly 10.5.2. I think I'm missing some vital piece of information on how this is done, and would appreciate some guidance. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, in getting this HP dv9910us up and running..! Many thanks, OB