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  1. Jas 10.4.6 DVD installation help

    Try to download the JaS 10.4.6 install DVD from demonoid.com worked well for me. I burned it with alcohol120%. It is not uncommon, that you just see a view files course the rest is in hfs+ format which you just can see with spezial programms for win like transmac. Are you shure that your chipset is supported? if you have an usb-dvdrom reachable, you can try to bot the dvd from this device this should work even if the chipset is not supported. Good luck, Nick
  2. Problem trying to format to HFS+

    I had the same prob and fixed it by prepairing the disk with diskpart as "af"-type. then meanwhile the installation of osx, go to the disk utility and format it first as hfs (not journaled!), this should work after you got it formated you can format it as hfs(journaled). voila!
  3. Is your mac partition the last one of your hard disk? That maybe the problem!
  4. Jas 10.4.6 DVD installation help

    Did you try to boot from the DVD nativly? Which version of 10.4.6 do you have? The JaS works natively fine with my notebook.
  5. I had this problem to, the best way out is to search for the actual JaS MacOS release and patch it with the actual ATI FIX both to find under the pirate bay or at the demonoid site by searching for JaS.
  6. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Hi Ed, I don´t know i´ve it would help you, but when I load the konoppix 4.0.2 my sound works well. But i´m not so into linux to post you the log you need. I´ve u would give me a little bit advice I would look it up for you. Or you just DL the Knoppix by your self. Hope it helped.
  7. AMD Systems

    Try to deaktivate the legacy USB and IR, after that it worked out fine for me! About my System look in the sig. I think the ATI chipsets are the best joices, somewhere here in the forum is an thread about how to patch the 10.4.3 for it!
  8. First try to install osx on an Acer Aspire 5022 Turion

    Ok, I got it. But I´ve to dl the original 8f1111g image and patch it be my self. first the 4.2b JaS patch then the JaS.Add.Ati.fix After that the installition run fluently. But I had to install it on the internal HD course the Acer BIOS doesn´t allow you to boot from an USB-HDD. The next prob was, that I couldn´t install it on the partioniton that I prepared at WinXP, course OSX didn´t like the win styled partition table. So till now there is no chance of to get a duel boot. More on how to install it on an ACER ASPIRE 5022WMLi after I fixed everything possible. I will do an german How-To also.
  9. DVD boot stops after short time

    I have also tried this version and it got stuck all the time with my config. now I´m runing the original 8f1111g image self patched with the JaS 4.2b patch and the installation worked quite fine. stil solving some probs, but most functions work fine. So keep on trying. It'll work maybe not the 10.4.4/5 but at least the 10.4.3 is right now running on really many systems.
  10. DVD boot stops after short time

    Hi martin, which version are you trying to install and are you shure if the iso isn´t corrupt!
  11. First try to install osx on an Acer Aspire 5022 Turion

    Hi Vaseb, Okay, the main problem is that your Chipset is not supported by the patches wright now. Jas just did a Patch for the ATI Chipset that is also iinstalled in my Aspire5022WMli. I know that there are some troubles with the nvida chip sets, so I think you just have to use the search option here in the board and look up for your exact Chipset, maybe you´ll find it. You can look up which exact one you have be using an usual System diagnostic tool. I use the EVEREST Home Edition it freeware and shows you alot detaild infos about your system, but any other would work to. Like if you have intalle SiSoft Sandra, or any other banchemark tool. Good look, by finding the write patch, but be sure that you also have the write Image for the patch was my problem, so I´m now downloading the JaS 10.4.3 to install it natively. Have you tried to install it from a vmware?
  12. First try to install osx on an Acer Aspire 5022 Turion

    Okay, new trouble, I pachted the iso with the ati Patch from JaS and I got a forced restard much earlier. It tells me "ACPI Driver not found" So what now, I still have the chance to install it on an USB-HDD but I want to install it natively, also i´m not shure if the patch will work afterwards. Any Idea? THX NICK EDIT: Oh, I forgot I don´t know why but OSX can´t finde the SSE3 support it is not listed at the startup? maybe the sse3/sse2 patch???
  13. After I read alot about installing an OSX on comon PC´s I just wanted to try. So i downed the "allinonewonder" Version at well knowen places which called his self something like "osx86 10.4.5 intel-amd sse2 ...". Sounded really interessting, I think it is the version of Myzthar. So on started to build an clean Partition with about 6.5 GB for the OSX and left some empty space for what else could happen. Ok, meanwhile the download was finishen and I was ready to take of for my first expierence with the installation advanture. Putted in the OSX CD and rebootet the system. WOW at first I was really impressed course after a short while I saw the first time an quit cool Apple Logo on my portable, but then the first trouble began, after the wounderful Logo shoed up and the circle did its suroundings a bad sign showed up. DEAD END! F..k! Ok, but I recognised, that quit befor the sign showed up, the DVD-ROM didn´t turn any more. OK, next try, may be the DVD-ROM is not supported, so I took my USB Pioneer A06 D and pulged it in. Next try with this Device. And wounder what happend, it tooked much longer to start, but it started the installation. So I first thought, I was wright, but the after it came up to the part where to choose the partition to install OSX to, I realized the real trouble, it wasn´t the DVD-ROM it must be the ide controller, cause nothing showed up, no drive, nothing just an empty place, where usually, the partition should be. and than I also realised that also the keyboard, did nothing. So bad trouble. But I won´t give up, next time I try to install it onto an USB-Drive and look what will, happen. Now I also have a question, is it possible, to use BSD Drivers for this problem? Or should I try an other installer version, maybe would the 10.4.3 be a better joice? So on, yours Nick EDIT: OK found the first solution here at the board: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=8088&st=60 So now I´m on my way I will try to make this thread like an almost easy way to install OSX on an Acer Aspire 502x system. But if you have any hinds, be so kind and give them so I don´t need to search so long to get everything I need to do this.