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  1. I had access to another machine so I tried installing from the working system to a drive in an external USB enclosure. After it completed, I installed Chameleon to to the drive and copied over my Extras folder. Installed in the Precision 490, it boots up without a hitch. I just have to work out driver issues now as I have no audio or video... should be "easy" in comparison.
  2. I can't offer help just yet but I'm dealing with a similar situation with a Dell Precision 490 (HW very similar to a first gen MacPro) that works flawlessly on Snow Leopard. I've created a USB installer with Chameleon RC5-r1173 and my DSDT.aml that worked perfectly on Snow Leopard. Booting the installer consistently produces a "Unable to find a driver for this platform: ACPI" kernel panic. All I can find so far is some threads by people running Apple software RAID who are experiencing the issue post-install due to a bug in Chameleon. I get the impression that it's DSDT-related in their case, but I don't understand enough about DSDT patching to know why you'd wouldn't be able to carry over the same patched file from SL to Lion. I did my SL install about 18 months ago and have used the machine day-in and day out since then. I hand-patched my DSDT and had an intermediate-level knowledge of the process for about two days but quickly forgot everything I learned once I had a reliable system. I guess I need to find a DSDT tutorial and start reading... again.
  3. Late reply but for posterity's sake, no. The white Macbook keyboards are literally part of the upper case of the computer. I had heard this but was skeptical, thinking maybe they sold it as such but that it could be broken-down into individual parts. I bought a cheap upper case for experimentation and low and behold, it's really just one piece... a sandwich of aluminum, epoxy, and plastic. I ended-up prying the trackpad off (carefully) and soldering-on a USB cable. I may integrate it into a PC hackintosh for truly good two finger scrolling. (even the best iScoll install can't compare to the real deal!)