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  1. Problem with todays update

    I updated Itunes and Safari. When it came java, wouldn't install. downloaded again and installed. Did a permission repair. Seems to be ok.
  2. 10.6.6 released

    I just updated to 10.6.6. Everything went fine.
  3. Add Ons for Quake

    I tried to do different shortcuts for rouge and the others, but can't get them to launch. The original works great. Any help would be great. snow leopard 10.6.5
  4. MS-7

    This is from maximumpc site. The full upgrade process still hasn’t been finalized, but here is what we do know. Windows XP upgrade editions were pretty painless. The installer would prompt you to insert a copy of a previous OS for disk verification, and that was pretty much it. Assuming you passed this stage, XP would then prompt you to drop the original install disk back in the tray, and it would push ahead with a clean install. This approach changed with Windows Vista, and not necessarily for the better. If you followed the official Microsoft approach, you were stuck installing Windows XP each time you wanted to format your PC. Once it verified that a qualifying OS was installed, only then could then upgrade to Vista. This hokey double install process was a terrible waste of time, and seemed like a pointless exercise. A known workaround now exists that will allow you to bypass this step, and it’s easier than you might think. Simply insert your upgrade DVD, boot into the installer, and when prompted to enter your product key, simply refuse to do so. After you click through all the warnings and pick the version you purchased, it would push ahead with the install. Your product key could then be easily entered later on once you were booted into the OS, and you could then activate using the normal process.
  5. I have 2 hard drives, win7 and 10.5.8. When I install I unplug the hard drive I'm not installing. It seems to work and when I'm done both boot great. Good Luck
  6. The wiki-OSX86 Database

    I don't think it is very user friendly. I tried to enter my hack and it always screws up.
  7. I tried the sleep, but it didn't work.
  8. I have the same board, same problem. I simply went to intel and updated the bios. Works well.
  9. Free Win 7 upgrade on multiple comps?

    I bought an upgrade to xp home. I didn't have to have windows installed. It just asked to put a copy of win98, to verify I had a previous windows. I don' know if it's different for 7 or not, but I'm betting it is.
  10. Windows7 and OSX on separate HDDs

    That's the setup I have. I simply installed Easy BCD. You have boot to the windows 7 hard drive. Than pick which one you want to boot from.
  11. upgrade RAM to 4Gb not stable ...

    I had the same thing happen to me on my DG31PR. I had to update my bios. It worked.
  12. Is there 900 GMA WDDM Support?

    On my windows 7 install, I just downloaded vista 32 drivers from Nvidia. They work very well, I haven't noticed any problems as of yet.
  13. Site slow !

    Yea, it's very slow today.
  14. Windows 7 + GUID

    Is it faster on Guid?
  15. My Windows Sev7en Evolution

    It's an Alpha build! For an Alpha build, it works very well.