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  1. Target Mode Question.

    I'd just like to know, I have an Intel 24" iMac, and would like to use the Leopard install disk that came with it to install Leopard onto a 20" G5 iMac, in Target mode, If not is there any way I can make a copy of the install disk and somehow hack a G5 firmware file to make the installer work with the G5. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
  2. Macmini graphic problem at startup

    If it still boots then there is a problem between the TV and the Mini, that forum should give you your answer
  3. Macmini graphic problem at startup

    So it still boots?
  4. Intel i7 Extreme 3.2Ghz Inside my NEW Hackintosh

    Firstly, congratulations on your new baby, Secondly, search around, plenty of stuff to help you out, just go into the tutorials, there ARE threads about Core i7 and the 4870X2, everything there should have some drivers for you.. And don't make me think your saying Vista is better than OS X again! *Backhands you*
  5. Its so expensive because of the fact 4G Ram sticks have only just come out, they haven't had time to get cheap
  6. I've made a blog that I'm trying to get out, basically its kinda updated daily, so its up-to-date most of the time, basically I just blab on about next Apple stuff, reviews and some ramblings about how PC's are ghey compared to Macs Link: http://whatthemac.blogspot.com/ Comments, Criticisms, etc?
  7. Microsoft Ads Take Aim At Mac Prices

    "I'm a PC, because I'm picky" HA! Epic Line! What a freaking epic n00b! What is it with these idiots that know nothing about computers complaining about aesthetics and wither they're cool enough At least Apple doesn't have Steve Ballmer! Click to see my reason:
  8. Macbook (White) vs. Macbook (Aluminum)

    Alum. Macbook is the way to go honestly, and the screen is barely reflective at all, brilliant for watching movies and its not what people think, as long as your brightness suits the area your in, no reflection at all basically, I use mine at school and its awesome, and the battery is freaking awesome! I get about 6-7 hours out of mine Firewire doesn't really bother me, USB ports are fast on them anyway.. Apple 'turbo-charged' them or something, and thats why Firewire is gone
  9. Macbook (White) vs. Macbook (Aluminum)

    I got an Aluminum one, and its brilliant, just don't cover up the vent XD Otherwise a brilliant Mac, screen is awesome!
  10. I think that Apple should make OS X available to not only Mac users, but instead they won't provide any drivers for anything other than what they have, instead, you install your own drivers (Like we do anyway) and Presto! Apple makes millions of dollars, makes Microsoft angry, starts a war, and theres no need for coders to make hacked versions of Leopard, instead it would be a more driver coding community, but anyway.. I doubt anyone has the intelligence to ever suggest this again XD
  11. Need some help!

  12. Need some help!

    Dunno if anyone can help, but.. Whenever I have my mic input plugged in, I get feedback through my speakers and when I'm on Teamspeak or the like, everyone hears the feedback but barely hears me talking to them, I'm using on-board audio on my P5K-SE motherboard, its that HD Audio driver thingo and I'm using Vista If you need anymore info I'll be happy to post it, but help would be awesome
  13. Can I install MacOSX Léopard on this?

    Yep, Tiger should defiantly work, get XxX 10.4.11 and your away
  14. I personally would have Vista installed first, makes it easier, but there are tutorials for both situations
  15. Kernel Panic problem - Possibly!

    Ummm... so why would it be saying "Still waiting for root device"?