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  1. After Update to 10.5.5: System Profiler Strangeness

    Ok... I'm back up. I restored my last AppleSMBios.kext. My "About This Mac" still says 10.5.2. In my System Profiler, I'm now back to the same as YourDinkingHero's status. I have a X6800 which is 2.93 GHz showing up as 3.8 GHz C2D. I'm going to go ahead and run the 10.5.5 update again. I know it is still early in the release of 10.5.5, but is anyone able to mod the AppleSMBios.kext like the earlier version was modded?? ~ NJ
  2. After Update to 10.5.5: System Profiler Strangeness

    I also had the same issues with upgrading to 10.5.5. I replaced my current AppleSMBios.kext with the one found here. After a reboot, my "About This Mac" showed I was back running 10.5.2 again. Doing a "Software Update" showed that "Mac OS X Update Combined 10.5.5" was new again. I'm going to restore my last AppleSMBios.kext from Time Machine and see what happens after re-booting. I'll post my results when (fingers crossed) I'm back up...