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  1. VoodooHDA

    I am still using version 2.1 on my HP Mini + no mic (btw really thanks, great job voodoo team!). Version 2.2 doesn't work fine with me since on my HP volume is controlled by PCM and with 2.2 I cannot select PCM as an output source.
  2. Layout tastiera su eeepc

    puoi dirmi i file che hai editato e cosa hai toccato? Ho dato un'occhiata ai layout ma sono piuttosto incasinati, io devo solo rimappare quei due tasti ( "\" e "|" e il maggiore e minore a sinistra della "z"), in particolar modo il maggiore e minore non appaiono sulla tastiera italiana pro di Ukelele e non so come fare ad aggiungerli. Grazie
  3. AC97 sound help

    I have the same problem you have with an ASUS A8V-MX (one of the worst Asus board ever). What mainboard do you have? I'm planning to say goodbye to Asus that hasn't done anything good in the last two year and go for a DVI Lanparty..
  4. Problems installing MacOSX_10.4.4 DVDPATCHED

    What's the correct MD5 hash for this file? I get: 8d3ecef3bc1ff8a0227131cd1db69431 Anyway, install checks the DVD and doesn't report any error. Weird.
  5. BomFatal Error ?

    Same problem here. Anybody? The DVD verifies correctly.. I have no idea of what is going on.
  6. Hello, I succesfully burned the DVD and setup my partitions. I am trying to install into my second hard disk (only one partition) and Athlon 64. Install stops at about 20% with this error: BomFatalError - cpio read error: bad file format What's wrong? Any ideas? Thanks in advance