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  1. Malibal Help!

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a laptop, But i'm not sure if the http://www.malibal.com/satori/ laptop will support OSX 10.6/7, If anyone has any idea, Please help! I wanna know before i shell out 1800 U.S. dollars Thanks, LOG123
  2. /com.apple.Boot.plist not found !

    well, if you had the disc in before and you chose netboot this would've happened on my laptop a simple REBOOT fixed it but your computer still wants to netboot so my advice is to either get another HDD i believe (but not 100% sure) that if you get a new HDD this will stop even a crappy 10 GB ATA drive set that ATA/SATA drive to master (WITHOUT MAC ALREADY ON IT!!!!!) then boot from CD having the original HDD as slave and the CD as master and if your other HDD has files on it i suggest backing them up then using DBAN ( http://www.dban.org/ ) (Darik's Boot And Nuke wonderful program has your HDD wiped CLEAN no recovery possible though takes a while its FREE!!! and works not that i am endorsing them...) or a simple reformat (faster although less secure) try it if that doesn't work i'll try to come up with something else... hope this post helped, LOG123 woah that was 2 years ago ._.