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  1. Lenovo B570

    First, thanks to everyone here for all the input. Just picked up my B570 a few days ago hoping it would be on sale...not the case but I couldn't wait any longer. As promised, and after following this guide to the "T", I now have a fully functioning hackintosh laptop, besides the card reader, but meh, I can't even remember the last time I used one (last year sometime, and I have a usb card reader; problem solved) The only other issue I have is the wi-fi. Unfortunately, my B570 BIOS has the Atheros AR9285 blacklisted....very frustrating. I get the -104 error device not supported at every boot. However, I did find a work around that allows me to use it. I simply boot the bios with the included broadcom BCM4620 card, then at the chameleon boot loader, i hot-swap that card with the atheros card. I choose my lion partition, and it works great from there. The only issue is that if I ever have to restart or shut down my computer, I have to do the procedure all over again. But thanks to everyones hard work on the sleep function, I don't really see me having to restart or shut down often at all. So I can live with that until perhaps a better solution presents itself. Hope this helps someone.