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  1. Привет! Во-первых, выкинуть сборку, и установить ОС с нормального дистрибутива. Т.к. вряд ли тут кто-то станет специально заморачиваться, ставить эту ерунду, чтобы понять - что там за загрузчик, что там за кексты добавлены... Тут такой способ установки ниасоба в моде :-) Инструкций по созданию загрузочной флешки - вагон, и тут, и на эппллайфе. Тут, вроде, написано, как что сделать, чтобы всё заработало на твоей материнке. Во-вторых, что за мышь и клавиатура? Проводные USB? В настройке установки iATKOS галочку PS/2 ставил?
  2. urchin

    Question for Russian speakers

    Nice topic, reading this was entertaining :-) I'm russian (that's why my english is so ugly, lol) so I can't answer by myself. About 5 years ago I used to manage software development in one small IT startup here in moscow. One of our system administrators was Spanish man, who started learn russian because of wishes to read great russian literature in original, ends with plans immigrate to russia. He answers that learning russian was easy to him. And really he texting with russian girls easily (who of course are beat all the ancient writers in competition "reason to learn language"). On the other side, when russia was start "perestroika" (did you remember this word, huh? :-) there was a lot of expats here. Many of them tried to learn russian, with practically no success. CEO of one of the biggest russian telecommunication company (native Belgian, AFAIK) had russian lessons everyday for years, finally even tried to do poetry in russian :-) but his speaking russian wasn't pure anyway... Our language is quite crazy, as A.I.Ghost try to explain in his post :-) By the way, russian word "bird" in this example sounds like "ptizza", not "prica" :-)
  3. urchin

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Same here. I do swap the monitor connectors on graphics card. I have boot messages on "wrong" screen now, but it's bother me less than change monitor order everyboot. Information about system screen configuration is in /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist but quick workaround this file gave me no luck - looks like os didn't read this settings on startup somehow... Another DP5 misbehave - my mackintosh takes about 30 seconds when going sleep. pmset -g log shows the slow response processes related to apsd (5 or 6 different process names).
  4. urchin

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Hi all :-) A few days ago I wrote about a lot of issues with Mavericks I have. I had my system extremely unstable. That was because of some old stuff in Extra/modules I forget about. My fault. I had many applications that wasn't worked properly. With DP2 all of them works back :-) +developers add Mavericks support to their apps (like the last version of parallels, and little snitch nightly builds). Multi-monitor support is a great feature and DP2 fix small but annoying bugs it had at start. Now I use Mavericks DP2 as my main system, and have not (almost) problem with it.
  5. urchin

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Hi all, had 10.8.4 updated to 10.9 DP1 yesterday, and got following: 1) system hangs randomly. Stops responding in the middle of any task, no matter CPU load or some reproducible activity, with no suspicious log messages. I think that spotlight search indexer may causes this, because right after update system worked no more than few minutes, now it's about 4 hours. Possible clean installation will fix that 2) old-good "reboot after sleep" issue is back for me (with 10.8 I used AppleRTC binary patched) 3) a LOT of applications I have isn't works properly (0xED hex editor, BetterZip, Coda2 etc.) 4) it's really nice multi-display support here, just a bit buggy at the time :-) My spec is Gigabyte P55M-UD4 i7 GF 680, osx installed on SSD with chameleon in EFI The solution from parallels: http://kb.parallels.com/116259