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  1. Hi I'm selling my modded case, hope some body out there who appreciates my work will buy it. Please do offer me. I prefer to sell it locally, I'm from Singapore. If offer is good I will consider shipping overseas, but its on the buyer. More infos can be found here. <---- Click to find out more. This full aluminium modded case can/has 1. Fit in a full ATX mobo 2. Has 4 x USB ports behind 3. Able to fit 2 HDD and 1 DVD Rom 4. Power button and LED works 5. Rear fans works 6. Neat cable management Do ask questions here or PM me. Alternatively you can offer me a price which I cannot resist. Selling because current setup's power supply failed and I'm no longer using this. So selling for people who appreciate this. Thank you.
  2. It has been 3 years since I modded this
  3. Hi friend, yes I do have the pinout. However I've sold this setup to a friend of mine.
  4. Hi...sorry for sooooo late reply, haven't been on this forum for quite some time I only screwed the standoffs into the board and u need a lot of them to hold the board. Its still holding well now haha. So i guess its fine to just screwed in huh?
  5. Hi sorry thought I had replied to your questions as I seldom come to this forum now. Sorry for the wait. Here are my answers - Since the stock G5 PS pushed out way more juice, you have no problems with 300W? Yea I did not have any problem with the 300W PSU as it is able to power up the whole system with the parts listed - Is your PS pushing exhaust out the front or back? My PS exhaust is to the top but so far it hasn't got any heat issue. I would say the G5 case has got good airflow. - Any experience in trying to keep Apple's airflow channeling in tact? (I notice there's no metal center divider like I've seen in other projects) i did not have any front fan as I only had the rear fans to draw out the hot air. I actually wanted to keep Apple's airflow channeling but it wasn't easy. - Have you done any other mods since you started the thread in 2009? Hehe nope after I did this mod I sold the whole setup to a friend and bought a used MacPro 2006 but sold it half a year later. Now I'm waiting for the arrival of my MacPro 2010 The stocks fan could be loud if you run them at 12 Volts...I did a mod to run it on 7 Volts which they run slower and quieter Hope to see you post pictures of your mod...enjoy modding..cheers and thank you for your kind comments
  6. Sorry for late reply, I only did the USB and audio out as I do not need LAN, I'm using WIFI
  7. I bought these USB cord from computer shop. I'm from Singapore and I believe you can easily find them in many places if not try ebay I used double sided tape and taped them to the portion of logic board and screwed back the board to the case.
  8. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    I'll be glueing to this thread, no mods I've ever seen is like this. I loved it!
  9. The front I/O can be found here
  10. Its found on this post. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...l=g5+fan+pinout
  11. Hi thanks maybe you can change to non led fans? I have the original G5 front bay fans, still thinking how can I mount them in.
  12. I love the Power Mac G5 and Mac Pro's enclosure, the aluminum finish and the design is so damn nice. Too bad Mac Pro is abit way out of my budget and Power Mac G5 are obsoleting soon as Intel processors are used in Macintosh nowadays, so the only way is to put my PC in an Apple desktop enclosure. After some months of searching I found an empty case for sale because of the logic board failure so I managed to get the enclosure with the spoilt logic board and fans in the case. The spoilt logic board, which I will explain later why I need it My intention is to keep the outlook as original as possible even the rear where all the ports will still remain, I do not wish to cut the rear for the mobo I/O like other mods I've seen to fit an ATX or mATX board. My PC is about 2yrs old. Below are the specs Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz @ 3.0Ghz Gigabyte GA 965P DS3 4 x 1GB Kingston DDR2 667mhz Ram ZEROtherm BTF90 HSF MSI nVidia 9600GT 512MB Seagate 300GB IDE HDD Seagate 320GB SATA HDD LG 20x internal super multi DVD writer SATA Buffalo Wireless G High Speed PCI Adapter WLI2-PCI-G54S 300w Mini PSU The biggest challenge in this mod is to fit an ATX board inside while not cutting off the rear I/O portion of the case and also my aim is to preserve the inside look as close as original G5. Below is a picture of how the inside of G5 looks like OK the spoilt logic board as I've mention, I will cut out the rear I/O portion out 1st. This is the finished product, but not done yet I will take out both the USB and the speaker out jack Fit in USB ext cables so that the other end connects to the mobo inside the case. Bought these from Sim Lim Tower, just connect the points using wire and checked connectivity using multimeter. Its done This end will go thru the case speaker hole and screw to tighten. The small part of the logic board is screwed to the case. This is how the rear looks like, check out the speaker output jack. Next will proceed to lay the cables. The power button and LED to the mobo, the SATA and IDE cables as well as the rear I/O cables. Next I moved on to the gfx output. I will be mounting the mobo inside of the case so the original PCI cards won't align to the case opening. So this is what I did. Use an old nVidia FX5200 card from my old Power Mac G4 Take out the metal plate, bought a both end female DVI plug and fit in. The other hold looks empty so I cut out the VGA port too. Mount it onto the plate and its done. Can guess what I'm up to? I will connect a DVI cable inside the case to one end of the female plug, so from the back of the case it looks like a gfx card fitted in. Next is the mounting of the mobo in. As the standoff of the case do not fit a pc, I do not want to remove them so I used these cardboard, cut and mount onto the original Apple standoff then insert the mobo mounting to mount my ATX board. The mobo has a PCI slots backing behind so I can screw the PCI cards and secure them. Its cut off from my previous Power Mac G4 case. Mobo fitted in. Next I moved on to the DVI cables for the gfx card to the female DVI socket. Also added a 4 x USB bracket and plugged to my mobo. Notice DVDROM and HDD are in placed. The HDD are secured to the HDD bracket that comes with the case with lock. Next I will tap the pinout of the rear exhaust fan then plug to the molex connector of PSU. I set it to run at 7v which produce lesser noise as compared to 12v. Testing fan, it worked!! Lastly its almost done, the PSU is placed on the bottom of the case then I cut a cardboard to cover the messy cables One final test to confirm fan working. Ok ready to cover up, fitting up the G5 processor cover. Hehe Cover up the plastic cover. I've yet to take a latest shot of the rear will do it when free. Ok its up and running fine. Temp is 42deg on idle OC @ 3.0GHz. Installed with Leopard 10.5.8 with Apple Aluminum keyboard, Apple Mighty Mouse and 20" Apple Cinema Display. My customised Mac Pro There are few more things that I can do, to add in the front fan and make a better rear PSU socket. Don't really have much time recently will slowly do and update when done. Thanks for looking and if there are any more ideas to improve do let me know.
  13. Hmm...I added the JMicronATA.kext and rebooted...shows 4gig of ram however still kp when I unrar a 1.54gb file. Revert back and booted with maxmem=3072 and its ok able to unrar the file smoothly. So I also downloaded the AppleVIAATA.kext and swapped both kext. Its now working fine, able to unrar the 1.54gb file with 4gb ram after replacing JMicronATA and AppleVIAATA kext. Will monitor for few days and hope no more kernel panic....kudos to Slashack!!
  14. My mobo do recognize my ram as 4gb and according to what I've read so far its the ram size over 3gb that causes the kernel panic together with Jmicron controller for my IDE drive. I just want to confirm which kext should I change inorder to run 4gb in leopard with an IDE drive.