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    Rhapsody DR2

    OH MY! Someone need to download this before Apple/Microsoft gets ahold of this.
  2. Rhapsody Man

    Mac OS X Server 1.2 on an iMac G3?

    All you have to do is reformat the entire disk and install Rhapsody on the whole disk.. For some reason Rhapsody and Mac OS 9 will not exist together. I believe this is because Rhapsody uses UFS for its formating and OS 9 cannot read UFS. I did install it on my iMac once, I just can't remember how You can read more here.
  3. Rhapsody Man

    Compaq Presario F700 Leopard Working

    Take a look at my post here. If you want to try OSx86, install onto an external USB HD, as that works out of the box with iAtkos v4a. I hope to write a guide soon for your internal HD, along with getting the graphic driver working.
  4. Rhapsody Man

    HP Presario F7xx

    I am having trouble getting OSx86 working on my laptop. Its specs are: Presario F700 AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor TK-55 NVidia GeForce 7000m/ nForce 560 160GB HD The problem is that after I install on boot I get a "Waiting for root device" error. I used iAtkos v4a to install. I know iAtkos works on my computer because I installed OSx86 on an external HD. Thanks in advance, Rhapsody Man
  5. Rhapsody Man

    HP Presario F7xx

    I know OSx86 is having trouble finding my HD on boot. Does anyone know how to get a nForce 560 working?
  6. Rhapsody Man

    I can't see my HDD.

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but it explains my problem. I have being trying to install iAtkos v4a to my internal HD for the past 2 days (I had it on an external HD before now). The problem is I can't get the correct kexts for my internal HD. I can see my internal HD on my existing install (the external HD) but when I try to boot from my internal, I get the famous "Still waiting for root device" error. Before that error I get this: AppleNForceATA: warning: phy connection failed. status=0xa322ff03 AppleNForceATA: warning: phy connection failed. status=0x00000000 Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!! Rhapsody Man
  7. Rhapsody Man

    Install on presario f700..

    Try iAtkos v4a. It worked for me on a external HD. See this thread.
  8. Rhapsody Man

    Free Rhapsody

    Free Rhapsody is an ongoing project by myself (Rhapsody Man aka Agg23) and Oss-Seven-Point-Six. We are trying to create a completely free, open source OS based off of Apple's Rhapsody. We could use all the help we can get. Our forums are located here. P.S. If RacerX could come and help us, that would be great! Rhapsody Man
  9. Is it possible to use UNetBoot to boot OSx86 without adding additional partitions to install OSX on?
  10. Rhapsody Man

    Any Distros Yet?

    Are any Snow Leopard Distros out yet? I am still waiting to get my AMD laptop working with Snow, but I don't have the time right now to do it from a retail install.
  11. Rhapsody Man

    Any Distros Yet?

    OK I'll remember to do that from now on. How would I go about running Snow Leopard Server on my AMD laptop? I'll have it soon, I just need to figure out how to install it.
  12. Did it work? Does it work on AMD?
  13. Rhapsody Man

    AMD Yet?

    Is there an easy way to install Snow Leopard on AMD? Maybe a distro? Because I cannot get a working DSDT for my laptop so I can't get anywhere. How long will it be for a AMD distro? I'm a bit of a newbie at OSx86 so if anyone could lend a hand, that would be GREAT!
  14. Rhapsody Man


    How long will it be until we have a working AMD kernel and drivers? Sometime in the next 2 months? In a couple days? I am really excited to try it out!
  15. I don't believe you're allowed to post about Snow Leo. I just got in trouble about it yesterday. Other than that I agree
  16. Rhapsody Man

    I can't see my HDD.

    Does anyone know how to get the Atheros AR242x wireless card working. I've several kexts but none have worked.
  17. Rhapsody Man

    I Need Help

    Check out this post for the files you need to get it working. Download iAtkos v4a and install it onto a external HD (I have not installed onto the internal one). When you have booted into your new system install the kexts in the zip and you should have everything except graphics working.
  18. What laptop do you have and what distro? If you have a Presario F7xx (which I assume you do) you can use the kexts I've used. I have chipset, ethernet, and sound working. The only problems I've had are with graphics. You can find the post here. I have only tested them with iAtkos v4a but other distros should work. Also do you have graphics working? If so, could you tell me how to do it? Thanks
  19. Rhapsody Man

    Presario F700 Install

    For more information about the Presario F7xx series computers with OSx86 check here.
  20. Rhapsody Man

    Presario F700 Install

    Hi, I have a Presario F700 laptop that I want to run Leopard on. I've tried Leo4all and it works up to where you tell it what drive to install it to. What I want to know is if the installer works does that mean it will work on my computer? I want to know if I should buy an external drive or not. Thanks in advance, Rhapsody Man
  21. Rhapsody Man

    kalyway leopard on compaq presario f733au

    Take a look here for help. I have gotten everything except for graphics to work.
  22. Rhapsody Man

    I can't see my HDD.

    Here is how to install on internal HD (for future reference). All you need is the kext for your chipset (nForce 610M). Get the kext in the zip a couple of posts above this. It is the AppleNForceATA.kext that you need. Inject this kext into your DVD image (there are guides around) and install. I have installed it successfully on an external HD but I haven't tried injecting it.
  23. Rhapsody Man

    Help! Asus X50N Amd tk-53 2gb Geforce 7000m

    Try iAtkos V4a. For chipset drivers look here at the bottom of the page for a download.
  24. Rhapsody Man

    I can't see my HDD.

    gyulyano2007, Did you get chipset, sound, and ethernet working? The ethernet is in a package so you don't drag it onto Kext Helper.
  25. Rhapsody Man

    I can't see my HDD.

    I cannot get a graphics driver working gyulyano2007. From what I have found from people with laptops with our specs I don't think we shall ever have working graphics. It drives me crazy not being able to be in 1280x800 resolution and no Quartz Extreme (no graphical Time Machine ).