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  1. hello folks, I build up a new workstation with this components: Intel i7-5820k Gigabyte X99P-SLI 16GB G.Skill 3000Mhz Samsung 951 NVM Express SSD (MZVPV512HDGL) OSX: 10.11.5 Everything is working with SATA SSD, but after clone it to NVM and reinstall Clover and copy EFI folder from working SATA SSD to NVM SSD the boot hang after Ethernet kext is loading. Look on my screenshot. I see other people have also problems with booting from NVM SSD with X99 chipset. Has anybody an idea, what is cause this KP? I installed NVME Driver in Clover and have the NVMEGenetic kext in /L/Extensions
  2. My Video works perfectly with GraphicsEnabler with Chameleon RC3. no Injector needed. my VGA works also. Ethernet doesnt work in 64bit mode. In 32bit mode, I see the ethernet with right MAC, but no connectivity. Sleep works with netkas sleepenabler.kext.
  3. @ kahuna0k can u make a kext bundle and link it to your thread.. I have also a m4300 notebook and tried to make a guide for leopard.. but now its almost better.. do u run your system 64bit? please link your com.apple.boot.plist can u see the battery meter? my isnt shown up, cause at energy prefpane the carging is at 0%, with AppleACPIbatteryManager its working, but only in 32bit
  4. @mrjanek I try to install from the retaildvd with your patched files, but always get install error or kernel panics.. it's happen at Essetian.pkg or little bit later... randomly.. maybe its the graphiccard? my sys: q9400 ep45-ud3lr F7 4gb ddr2 ATI 4890 I partition my hdd as follows:GUID: disk0s1 is my SL System, disk0s2 is Installdrive (SL Retail + your patched files)
  5. has anybody got 2 graphiccards running on his ex58 board? have tried all stuff, but no progress
  6. what about my question? have anybody an idea how can I run two identicaly nvidia cards on the ex58-ud4p board? i have 2x 8600 gt with efi studio I can only run one card properly.
  7. @ digital dreamer I have the UD4P board and two 8600 GT. I cant run both cards at one time with efi strings.. i tried the nvinject 0.2.0 dual cards kext but then i havent QE/CI. I read the thread about running two and three cards, but if i put only one card in 2nd pcie i get the same pci infos like if i do this in the 1st one pcie. I also set the initial card to PEG2. have you an idea how can i fix it? the cards are 100% the same.
  8. @digital_dreamer - thank you very much for your kext bundle i have an ex58-ud4p board and i7 920 i use ipc 10.5.6 and update the kernel and other stuff with your kexts, all things works great. deep sleep doesnt work, but standby does i also oc'ed my i7 to 3,6 ghz which is very stable. i also try 3,9 ghz but i got KPs several times.. maybe my vcore or other preferences are not good, for this freq. now i got 12583 points with geekbench 64bit and 390 points with xbench without hddtest
  9. GA-EX58-UD4P Leo on Core i7

    thanks! I managed to install iPC 10.5.6 on my i7 and it runs wonderful! i can oc the cpu to 3,4 ghz without increase the vcore. Please look for kext files to the EX58-UD5 Thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=149505
  10. Hello people After I successful build up my Q6600 with EP35-DS4, I want something new I bought follow things: CPU: Core i7 920 Mobo: GA-EX58-UD4P RAM: 3x OCZ 1600mhz CL8 Graphiccard: Fatality 8600 GT 256MB My problem is, that if I try to boot iPC 10.5.6 or other distros my PC always reboot after caching kext files. At first I tried to boot up my 10.5.5 system which runs on my q6600, but always the same: reboot maybe anybody has an idea, what I make wrong.
  11. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    @gameover try to use nvdarwin
  12. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    i followed mauritsius' guide and got great experience.. all features working except touchpad finger scrolling/tabbing and vga output. the dual display support is very important for me, maybe anybody can helps me.. i try to find out the nvcap codes, but no luck.. i havent a docking station, so i cant test the dvi output in the dock.
  13. I tried the nvkush kext installer and nvkush installer on my dell m4300 with quadro fx 360, but no luck. i get a black login picture and only see my mousecursor. after i replace all geforce*kext and nv* kext and also the opengl framework, i get my picture back but all works now without qe. i had a working version this morning but i want to use an external monitor. so now all graphic support is broken. i use now nvdarwin.kext has anybody an idea which components i should mod to get external and internal monitor working? what is nvcap? can i get fullsupport my graphiccard with EFI?
  14. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    thx Mauritsius i will try your guide today and post my experience
  15. great work sonotone i had a 9400 before.. but now i have a precision 4300 (my installer guide is also on this board) all features are working except displaywakeup after sleep, reboot, shutdown and lan adapter (broadcom extreme) i got 177 points with xbench maybe u can add a configuration for my notebook to your installer, cause my precision has mostly the same hardware as the d830 and other lattitude