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  1. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    GREAT STUFF! Got this working for a Dell Precision M90 running 10.6.7 retail with a BCM5752 (Vid 0x14e4 Pid 0x1600). Based on Sunki's kext file, I replaced the "pci14e4,167b" string in the plist with "pci14e4,1600" and replaced all instances in his kext file with a hex editor from 7b 16 --> 00 16 Works perfectly both in 32 bit and 64 bit! Enjoy. Working_AppleBCM5701Ethernet_for_BCM5752_Pid1600.kext.zip
  2. I have a Dell inspiron 9400 running SL 10.6.7 with everything working. The Inspiron 9400 has the NVidia GeForce 7800 with two external graphics card connectors (DVI and VGA). I am able to run the built-in laptop screen and extend the desktop to the VGA port (I have two Dell 1600x1200 monitors attached). The monitor attached to the DVI port is not recognized. Question now is how to use two external monitors instead of the built-in screen+one external monitor. In Windows XP you can use Fn F8 to switch screens and choose either internal+DVI, internal+VGA or DVI+VGA, but in SL pressing Fn F8 this will hang the system. Anyway suggestions on how to get this system to run on two external monitors?