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  1. i received a g imac and its working good, but i added a second user account, and when i try to loggin to my account it asks for a paaword. i havent set a password, and i cant login, can anyone help me?
  2. can i use a g4 imac intall/restore disc on my g3 iMac to install tiger? ive seen a few on ebay and was wondering if it was possible. thanx
  3. Help on how to make a restore disc

    I would be putting it on a cd or two. the whole reason behind this is becase i don't have the restore/install disc that came with the mac, and i want to install panther or tiger. i want to have a backup of my hard drive just incase.
  4. i'm thinking of switching from os9 to os x on my lder imac, and i want to create a restore disc of the entire system. would someone please tell me how to make a copy of the entire hdd? thank you
  5. G3 iMac help

    i believe its 512(at least the one i have)
  6. G3 iMac help

    and heres a guide for the mac:Apple iMac Manuals
  7. G3 iMac help

    locuras, i found that you can install osx on it if you upgrade the ram to 256mb, and i also found that my old pentium iii has the correct ram needed , so if you have an old comp look at the ram, it just might work
  8. G3 iMac help

    so can i upgrade 7.0 to 9? and i have found an old 8.6 cd, will that work?
  9. G3 iMac help

    thanks, and the instaal (linux)cd isnt working anyways. so if i do find a os 9 file online, do i just burn and go?or do i have to unzip the file, set special bur setting? again, all help is very appreciated.
  10. G3 iMac help

    i put in the ubuntu cd and nothing happened, and now the computer wont eject the cd. How do i get out and thank you so much for all the help, i am totally new to macs and have no experience with how to us them
  11. G3 iMac help

    I already have an install ubuntu cd, i meant for mac os cd/reformat
  12. G3 iMac help

    ok, i think i will install ubuntu for now, but where can i get some cd's and how do i reformat etc?
  13. G3 iMac help

    questions,1.will an ubuntu cd work in the imac 2.can i take the ram out of my pc and put it in my mac, because they look identical and when i start up with the option button, no drive shows up
  14. G3 iMac help

    BTW i hav som more information, its iMac DV, 10 gig, DVD 64mb ram and i received it maybe 2 hours ago
  15. G3 iMac help

    i dont think i can do a fresh install considering i dont have the install disks.....