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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I've been having troubles with my Psystar Hackintosh. I recently installed iDeneb v1.3 (10.5.5), and my wifi card (D-link DWA-556) was not recognized. D-link offers no drivers, and in both a vanilla install and with Kalyway 10.5., it was recognized as an Airport card. Ideas?
  2. I'm thinking that this may be a PAE issue, because it crashes after "Loading Darwin/x86". In -v mode, everything seems normal. Is there any kext to delete? My BIOS is absolutely terrible, about 4 options.
  3. In order to boot my system, I need to delete a certain kext file, but I can't because Linux does not have HFS+ journaled support, and I don't have my OSX DVD. Are there any LiveCD's or OS's that support writing to HFS+ journaled filesystems?
  4. What do all of the boot flags mean?

    excellent, thank you.
  5. Loginwindow.app issues

    When I try to boot osx86 in vmware, it gives me the messages in the screenshot, problems with loginwindow.app. There is no hope of booting natively, for I get the /com.apple.boot.plist error. Any help with either issues? If not, I'll just get an Open Computer from Psystar.
  6. What do all of the boot flags mean?

    You posted a link back to this thread!
  7. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere? I was wondering what the boot flags mean. (-f, -s, -legacy, all I know is -v)
  8. com.apple.boot.plist missing...always

    It doesn't say anything about where it's booting from, and I've tried to profusely press buttons while it's booting, to no avail.
  9. com.apple.boot.plist missing...always

    Ok, here's my specs: Toshiba M45-S269 Intel Pentium III M 1.73Ghz (sse and sse2) SCSI ATA Toshiba MK1032GS 92GB HDD Intel 915GM 92801 mobo...I think that's right. Panasonic Mat{censored}a DVD-RAM UJ-841S 2GB Kingston DRAM I'm not sure what else to post.
  10. I'm attempting to switch from ubuntu, and no matter what release or patch I use, I always get the error message "missing file /com.apple.boot.plist" or something to the tune of that. My machine is sse2 compatible, perhaps it's my IDE CD drive? Afters weeks of googling, it appears I have an uncommon problem. I have never got past that error message, and that is the only thing I see after pressing F12, and booting the DVD.