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  1. The wireless is probably an Atheros chipset (I'm using a X31 too).
  2. Read through this thread (yes, all 18 pages if necessary) and follow the instructions. You can only hope to get OpenGL on the M6, so no QE/CI.
  3. Would the Intel PRO wireless card work?
  4. Source: http://www.forbes.com/technology/feeds/afx...afx2643961.html Seems that the first Intel iBooks may be 13.3" and reaching stores only in June. So nope, no iBooks for the 30th anniversary.
  5. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...425113&tstart=0 The newer drivers (1.1.1) from Mac Mini seems to solve the issue of Atheros cards not connecting to LEAP/PEAP networks. Haven't tried it myself but would certainly report back when I do.
  6. weeguy

    Installing on a thinkpad

    Function buttons works on my X31, just that there's no OSD.
  7. weeguy

    Flash 8.5 beta for Intelmacs

    Flash Player 8 preview release for Intel-based Macs http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/knowledg...cfm?id=2dda3d81 Opera stated on it's site that its latest weekly build works with this Universal Binary for Flash 8.
  8. weeguy

    Home & End Keys

    2006-03-08 New version of DoubleCommand released, now a Universal Binary, so it should work on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
  9. Wonder if they made a boot screen with Tux on it...
  10. wow.... the bounty's going to exceed $13000 soon...
  11. Well, Windows XP doesn't come with an extensive set of drivers. Even my Thinkpad didn't have network, sound, wireless drivers from a fresh installation of Windows. There're probably drivers out there that support the hardware present on the new Intel Macs.
  12. weeguy

    10.4.4 Black Screen after extensions load

    I believe you're trying to install 10.4.4 using 10.4.1? I'm afraid that's not possible. Quite a number of us have tried and failed. After all, he did mention in his instructions that 10.4.3 was needed to install 10.4.4. I would suggest that you go grab the 10.4.4/5 dvd that's floating around right now and install using it.
  13. The ATI drivers are the ones giving you problems. You're probably getting error messages that point towards OpenGL. Try removing the ATI files in your Extensions folder (you may want to back them up first).
  14. weeguy

    QE/CI and Application Support

    phor2zero: The problem was with the ATI drivers, which led iWeb to think that I had opengl enabled. Removed all the ATI related drivers and iWeb works just fine right now.
  15. weeguy

    EXC_BAD_ACCESS Exception

    Followed the instructions of another forumer and removed all ATI related files in /System/Library/Extensions. Doesn't make a difference since the drivers didn't provide any acceleration for me anyway. But I do have screensavers and iWeb working.