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  1. If your not a Mac Genius, probably why your here in the first place, in all likelihood....then this is the place to go for a comprehensive (understandable) guide: http://prasys.co.cc/2009/11/snow-leopard-b...mware-player-3/ The above guide feautres useful download links, and a very easy to follow, logical step by step illustrated guide.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have converted a Snow Leopard DMG file into an ISO. Now I am mounting the ISO in Windows using Daemon Tools with the intention of loading Snow Leopard as a Virtual Operating System within VMware Workstation (6.5). When I attempt to create the new VM, e.g.: install Snow Leopard I am seeing the attached message. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong here? Thanks very much for your time. Kind Regards, Davo
  3. Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to install MacOS x 10.4 onto an AMD computer. The installation gets stuck at "Still waiting for root device"! Please see the attached image for clarification. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Davo
  4. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    My BAD, this is my 5th and last bogus post...with any luck I will now be able to create my own topic. Wouldn't want to be coming to this forum for help in a hurry!
  5. Ipod Touch 3g in recovery mode

    Bogus Post 4
  6. Bogus reply 3: My appologies, I have to post 5 responses before being allowed the "honour" of creating my own thread! Another case of "which came first? The chicken or the egg!". Really how can I answer people's questions when I am coming here for help myself!
  7. repair aluminium keyboard

    Bogus Post 2: My bad, apparently you have to bogus post 5 times before you can create your own thread! Stupidity at it's peak really!
  8. Should i get a real mac?

    Bogus Post 1: My bad, apparently you have to bogus post 5 times before you can create your own thread! Stupidity at it's peak really!
  9. Unable to connect to the Internet

    Hello Jackson, Thanks for your attention to my post, sorry that I have not replied to your inquiry earlier. In answer to your questions: 1). I installed the Maxxuss driver the operating system installed. 2). The version of Mac OS X that I am running is 10.4.8. Cheers Davo Hello Mykl, Thanks for your interest in my post. In answer to your questions; 1). I believe that the driver is working, because an IP address had been automatically assigned to the OS. 2). I wasn't on the same subnet (I have since changed this without any improvement in functionality) 3). I cannot pint my host IP. 4). My firewall does not have UDP 53 enabled, however this has not been a concern to other Operating Systems running in VMware Workstation (incl. XP & Ubuntu). I have tried various connection methods, including NAT & bridged. Any further assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Davo