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  1. Asus + Mac OS X logo

    Amazing, I love it.
  2. I also need a step-by-step, this isn't working for me.
  3. Asus G1sn (Incomplete)

    Attempted to load with "cpus=1" to no avail.. Also, those are "page_transform"'s that i get so many of before crash. Doing a fresh install with the proper nvidia drivers off the disk. If anyone has any better ideas, please tell me. Thanks!
  4. Okay, so I've been trying to get this baby up and running with OSx86 now for around 2 years... I previously got 10.5.2 on it, before it kernel panic-ed and i got fed up with it. I have returned to try again, with iDeneb 10.5.6 v1.4 Thus far, things have gone much better then last time. I still have a modified bios to get both cores working on my intel processor. I'm much better with partitioning and installing the system. I am aware my wireless card cannot yet be used with OSX, but I have bought a wireless adapter just for this reason. Here's my current issue. 10.5.6 installation went by without a hitch, no problems. I installed no drivers, just base install package. Upon starting, I get the apple logo, the spinning wheel and then the screen just goes out. It's not displaying a black screen, it's just turned my laptop screen off. Running in -v doesn't give me much help, it gives me a whole bunch of somethings related to "page change"(s) [i think], followed by memory addresses, then it goes through code too fast to read, and dies. Is this a driver I need at install? Do I need v1.3? Thanks so much for your continued support. Specs: Model: Asus G1sn Display Adapter: GeForce 9500 M GS Network Adapter (Ethernet): Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter (Wireless): Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965 AGN Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 @ 1.83GHz Sound controller: (Listed simply as "High Definition Audio Device") Feel free to ask for other info. -Aubron
  5. Wifi adapter question.

    Okay, I have the Intel 4965AGN, which is obviously not going to get OS X support anytime soon. Can anyone suggest to me a cheap, available usb wifi adapter (needs to support at least G) that is easily compatible with OS X? Thanks a ton!
  6. How much $$$ are we lacking to get this thing running eh? 4965 - need drivers badly.
  7. So I've just become the proud owner of a hackintosh ASUS computer, and I've got a few issues that need addressing. Any help the community could give would be greatly appreciated, even if I'm just being a newbie about some of it. This is my third time attempting to transition to leopard, though my first successful installation. * Mfr Part Number: G1SN-A1 * Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processors T9300 (2.5GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, FSB 800MHz) * Chipset: Mobile Intel PM965 Express & ICH8M * Memory: 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR2-667, Max Capacity 4GB * Display: 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Color Shine Glossy LCD * Graphics Module: nVidia GeForce 9500M GS Graphics Controller, w/ 512MB Video Memory * Hard Drive: 320GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive * Optical Storage: DVD Burning Feature * Audio: Built-in Intel High Definition Audio Compliant Audio Chip; Built-in Speaker and Microphone * Connectivity: High Definition Audio Fax Modem; 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet; 802.11a/g/n Wireless LAN; Built-in Bluetooth V2.0 +EDR (WIRELESS IS INTEL 4965) * Interface: 4x USB 2.0 Ports; 1x IEEE 1394 Port; 1x eSATA Port; 1x VGA Port; 1x HDMI Port; 1x TV-out; 1x RJ11 Modem Port; 1x RJ45 LAN Port; 1x Microphone-in; 1x Headphone-out; 1x Line-in; 1x Express Card Slot * Card Reader: 8-in-1 Card Reader, Support MMC/ SD/ Mini-SD/ XD/ Memory Stick/ MS Pro/ MS Duo/ MS Pro Duo * Camera: Built-in 1.3M Pixels Video Camera I need to get the Sound and Wireless card working, the cam is un-nessecary. Touchpad worked immediately after installation. Got Display adapter to get full functionality (though i haven't tested HDMI - unnessecary). I am working on trying to get the wireless card working, though i have no idea what to do about the sound card. I know it originally came with Realtek software, anyone have a fix for the G1sn Most annoying at the moment is that every menu or right click menu i click shows up as completely white. when i click elsewhere i see what was on the box for a split second, and during any transition of opening closing menus. Any ideas? Thank you so much.
  8. Just flashed a modded BIOS (Asus easy flash is a life saver) and I'm reinstalling OSX (not sure if this is nessecary, but figured it couldn't hurt) The installer now works without cpus=1, a good sign that maybe all cores will work now.
  9. how do i patch my bios without having a running OS? (working on getting a linux live cd)
  10. using -cpus=1 and -v I've managed to boot to the installer now... However when trying to install, i get an Install Failed message very shortly after starting it saying that "The Installer could not create the folder "/Volumes/Vista64/Basesystem.pkg.129LTMDCc" Im trying to overwrite a partition that has what is now a corrupted vista installation. My final hope is to be able to dual boot Vista and OS X. I am using an asus G1S 4G Ram Any idea what I'm missing? Okay. That problem is fixed. Turns out i skipped the whole "disk utility formatting" part. Installing now. Fully installed now, trying to boot. When booting from hard Drive, I get the Darwin bootloader. I use a cpus=1 and -v command, and it loads about half a screen of code. The last thing is "MAC Framework successfullly initialized using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers." Then it stops doing anything.