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  1. williedigital

    Tyan S2696 8 Core Hackintosh

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread but, is your S2692 system booting off the of the raid and using the raid as your system disk, or just as scratch storage?
  2. williedigital

    4 monitors?

    Is it possible to get a 4-monitor setup working on a hackintosh (badaxe+Kalyway)? I'm willing to upgrade the video cards. I need 4 dvi outputs that work together to create a spanned 4 monitor display. Any help on what video cards to try, kexts to employ, etc? Or if it's even possible.
  3. williedigital

    PCI Video Card Leopard

    Does anyone have a pci video card that's working with Leopard? Also, info on if quartz and coreimage work would be great.
  4. williedigital

    controlling machine with 3 optical drives

    they are recognized by osx in the system profiler, but they don't "mount" in the finder until they have a disc inserted. the only way they will open to insert a disc is through the eject button on the keyboard.
  5. my hackintosh has 4 optical drives (don't ask) and I'd like to be able to access all of them. So far i can only get two to open (ejevt button and option eject). All 4 show up in system profiler but dont know how to make them pop open.
  6. I've got a very similar setup running. I've got dual 1.6 ghz kentsfields overclocked using bsel mod to 2ghz each. Tyan board, lian-li case. Everything works peechy keen using 10.4.9. The whole rig cost approx 1300-1400. not bad for octo and will be much cheaper after intel price cuts.
  7. williedigital

    quicktime 7.2 and itunes 7.3.1

    Someone be guinea pig please.
  8. So, is it possible to use more than two optical drives in osx? I'm possibly setting up a hackintosh with 4 of them and wanted to check if I should bother.
  9. williedigital

    Itunes 7.3

    Yeah works for me too. Fixed lots of little issues it looks like. I can now set cover art for .mp4 files with 5.1 aac audio.
  10. williedigital

    Itunes 7.3

    are you running 10.4.10 too josh? trying to see if that or a certain kernel are required...
  11. williedigital

    Itunes 7.3

    won't launch? crashes? what?
  12. williedigital

    Itunes 7.3

    alright, somebody give it a whirl on ze hackintosh
  13. williedigital

    itunes 7.2

    anyone ran into any probs on a hackintosh?
  14. williedigital

    Appletv and osx86: Can't Connect

    nevermind. fixed.
  15. williedigital

    Itunes won't see apple TV

    Yep works now. Had to authorize Itunes.