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  1. cpu temp. question

    mkay, so its because of the video drivers that arent out there yet, and its putting all the video threw basicly my processor rather than my video card...
  2. MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz iso

    I did the install of that file, it works great, i have an sse3 processor, 2-p4 4ghz Gygabite GA-8N-SLI Pro mobo (onboard audio works) Nvidia 6600 256 pci-E (works but no open gl....as of yet) 1Gb ddr2 pc2-4300 maxtor 300Gb maxtor 120Gb maxtor 80Gb Netgear FA311 Network card (works great)
  3. cpu temp. question

    i have a p4 3ghz ht, and an nvidia 6600 pci e 256 graphix card, im running osx 10.4.5 but my cpu temp is always at 102 f, it usualy throttles at 90 / with out ac on, and in the high 70;s to mid 80;s with ac on, (exos 2 watercooling system) in windows xp, and when im using all my processing power, either playing a video game or rendering movies, it gets only up to 106 f in xp, but in osx it is at 102-106 f throttleing....what can cause this
  4. Hey i got FCP 5 and i installed it and everything is fine, exept the fact that when i open fcp, it starts the load, then when its about to pop up all the windows, like 3 of them pop up, then the program just quits...happens everytime i open it, but livetype works perfectly....can some one help..
  5. steam on x86 mac

    hey has anyone tryed to install steam on a osx86 on a pc....if there is anyways let me know
  6. graphix card help

    i would like to know if there are any drivers for my nvidia 6600 pci Express and it runs alittle slugish when i scrowl threw webpages and do the dashboard in and out. i hurd there where some beta drivers. anyone know where i can get them?
  7. burning .dmg in windows

    well dont call me a newbie, because i tryed this and it says in osx that there was a codec error so it wont mount, anyone help me with this.
  8. I got finalcut pro .dmg image and i burned it on a dvd, when i started mac osx it read it, but when i opend the dvd it just had the .dmg file there, nothing extracted....how can i install fcp on my osx pc? please help
  9. network help

    hey i think i messed up my password for my root account....i went into some window trying to find that security thing to enable root, i couldnt find the security tab, but i found the users tab. and it showed root, i clicked on it, then changed the password to 123......but now it wont recogniz either passwords...my old one or the new one....what did i just do>? and i just upgraded to 10.4.5
  10. network help

    its the Marvell 88E111 phy chipset
  11. network help

    still dosnt work...... the sudo commands worked n when i got down to loading it, it says its already loaded. and i can unload it. :-x iono what to do lol
  12. network help

    I tryed those what u said, but when i do Dsenableroot -u myusername it ask for my password, i enter it, then it ask for root password, i intered the same pw for my other account, then it asked to verify, then it says successfuly root enabled or something. then i do the first command the chmod one, and it does a lot of stuff, but at the end of each one, it just says permision denied. then i do the second command and it just ask's for a new command, then i do the cd and it changes directories, then i do the kextload, and it says i have to have root enabled to do that to the kernal.....AHHHH THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS
  13. network help

    how do i open the terminal
  14. network help

    I have the Nvidia nforce network controller and where do i put the .kext and where can i find AppleYukon.kext
  15. network help

    Hey i got osx 10.4.3 installed perfectly on my computer, Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Pro Dual p4 3ghz 1mb cache 1gb ddr2 pc2-4300 nvidia 6600 gt pci e sli ready but im having trouble connecting to the internet....it says it cant find my onboard eithernet connection, how can i fix this