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  1. Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Thanks works great on windows 8 64
  2. This also fixed my bluetooth issue. Now the Magic Mouse reconnects automatically as it did in SL. Thanks
  3. Q6600 Overclocking not showing.

    Fixed - I had an issue with my bios - reset cmos and over clocking now working and showing.
  4. I used this installation method - my over clock does not show!! Any ideas?
  5. Q6600 Overclocking not showing.

    Thanks for the info. i used this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=259068
  6. On snow leopard, if i over clocked the CPU - then this will show in about this mac and any other tools. On Lion, it shows only 2.4GHZ when i set the bios to 3.2GHZ. Is this a display issue or is Lion down clocking? CPU-Z shows the same as about a mac. Any ideas?
  7. I used this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=259068 It auto generates the DSDT and applies most patches. No power button sleep though. my dsdt attached. hope it helps. DSDT.aml.zip
  8. Working USB Bluetooth for Lion (DP3)

    thanks - tried this and mouse works but no touch on magic mouse.
  9. bluetooth is not working correctly. I have a Zoom adapter - works really nicely in SL now is not working properly in Lion GM. I also tried a Belkin Mini Adapter and that works better but after sleep - mouse not working. I have now tried my old TDK Adapter 1.1 Spec and that works flawlessly. But missing 2.1 features. Anyone know what the best adapter for Lion?
  10. Working USB Bluetooth for Lion (DP3)

    Got this adapter and it works fine until sleep. So not quite there. Iam using GM
  11. GA-EP35-DS4 Rev 2.1 working great - no problems with install procedure. New dsdt and GM. Thanks a lot. using a magic mouse and the scroll bars on windows become virtual like iOS and the os generally feels more like iOS. liking what aim seeing.
  12. Thanks - this procedure was so simple everything worked first time including generating a fresh DSDT with patches. Superb.. Big Thanks
  13. released Update to 10.6.4

    Updated and everything working sweetly!! Don't need sleep enabler!
  14. Thanks everyone - been looking for this fix for a while now. i can confirm its working great and voodoomonitor is showing the cpu states.