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  1. 7600 GS

    Wooohoow! CE/QI Works I used the drivers found here (NEW!:10.5.5 drivers and EFIStudio Installer) and installed EFI Studio too. In EFI Studio I added my videocard, and wrote it to "com.apple.Boot.plist" I rebooted, et voila, QE/CI Good luck
  2. 7600 GS

    That's the way I have it. Still no QE/CI... Thanks for the tip though
  3. 7600 GS

    Right. But when QE/CI was working, I really wasn't able to do anything, with the weird artifacts and such. I'll try that Prawlker thingie now, thanks EDIT: Well that didn't work for me. I keep having a black screen, even after 5 restarts. I hope I can get some video output again... I really don't wanna reinstall again EDIT2: Back at dual display, native resolutions, but no QE/CI EDIT3: If you find anything about enabling QE/CI let me know
  4. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    Mmm, it seems that with the latest installer, you can't select / deselect CHUD :/ I had the same kernel panic, but as stated above I was able to fix it by deleting the CHUD kext files. However, the iPhone SDK wasn't installed, so I'll have to find a way to fix this one... EDIT: Well, that was easy to fix. If anyone is interested: In the packages folder of the iphone sdk file delete the CHUD package. Then show the contents of the "iPhone SDK" installation file. (right click -> show contents) Browse to Contents and then open "iPhoneSDK.dist". In this file search for CHUD and delete all the lines that contain CHUD. After doing this the installation never tried to install the CHUD package. Have fun coding
  5. 7600 GS

    After using the driver that was in xfidelity's sig, my videocard worked, and I could set the right resolutions, but my system was very slow & choppy, and I had artifacts. Then I used the nvInject installer made by macnub. System is working stable nog with the right desktop resolution, but I have no QE/CI... Wheeee
  6. LawlessPPC-Leo-10.5.4-Phenom&AMD

    Installed succesfully! Specs: ASUS nForce 4 A8N-SLI AMD Athlon64 4000+ (Sempron I believe it is ) nVidia Geforce 7800GT WD 80GB PATA Everything works, system looks stable, only the nVidia driver I chose doesn't seem to work? So I'll need to update that one... But it's looking very good, thanks! (Even software update works, couldn't imagine that with the kalyway version )
  7. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    As soon as I try to load the kext, OSX freezes... Too bad... Got an older driver version working though, but then OSX is very unstable So now we start the waiting process... EDIT: chuttenh's kext works for me too, but unfortunately OSX is rather unstable right now... When I make "intesive" use of my network card OSX freezes Boooo...