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  1. PCEFI v9 Installer

    PC-EFI v9 is actually Chameleon v1.0.12 so sometimes we say Chameleon and sometimes efi 9
  2. Macworld was disappointment to me too.
  3. I have i problem.. I downloaded Kalways 10.5.2 Install DVD and all goes great until the first boot. You see, i have ATI 9600 Pro (256MB) graphic card, and there is no driver for it (only for X____).. I was wondering is there any driver or something to make it work? (Installer and everything works fantastic ) If there is, please tell me how to do it because i dont know anything about installing mac on PC (I have iMac and eMac home, but i wanted to try install it on my spare machine, to see how it works ect. ) Anyway, this is my configuration: AMD Athlon 2200+ 1.8GHz 1 160GB and 1 80GB ATA hard drives ATI 9600 Pro 256MB Realtek AC'97 sound card nForce 3 512mb DDR ram... ...and that's about it...