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    Activate TRIM support on any SSD

    Adding patched kext or using terminal commands did not work for me (X58-UD3R running 10.6.8). Applying the patch finally worked. Xbench no change in speed before / after (330.) 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 (1st gen). cheers ..
  2. Similar problem on my old apple usb keyboard. Not recognized at boot on X58-UD3R. Legacy or other modes don't help. Works fine once in OS X. Seem to remember earlier versions of BIOS working ... so suspect it's BIOS related.
  3. Audio working fine here. Anyone with modified dsdt implementing speed step ?
  4. I didn't see a smbios.plist get created anywhere - where is it stored ? thanks.
  5. Just installed 10.6.3 combo update - Easiest upgrade ever. Re-Installed the AppleHDAv1.8.4fc3.kext and sound works fine. Temps seem to lower by 2-4 C under 10.6.3. cheers
  6. Anyone running 10.6.3 yet, with audio working on the UD3R version 1.0 ? thanks
  7. Working well on my X58-UD3R rev 1.0. Been looking for something like this for a long time as I was too lazy to patch my DSDT. Best tutorial and file set yet for this mb and ALC888 audio. Wondering if any one has speed step working with this dsdt as this seems to be the only thing not working on mine. cheers ...
  8. Hi all Lots of DSDT's for X58-UD3R's, P55-UD3R's and others but not one for the GA-X58-UD3R v1 with ALC888 . Looking for a working DST with fixes for ALC888, CMOS reset, NVidia graphics, sleep, speed step, 920 cpu and the rest ... Can't seem to find one anywhere. If you've got a working one with these fixes (or most of them), and you would care to share, Please post. Cheers ...
  9. Can anyone with a working DSDT for GA-X58-UD3R post their dsdt file and configuration so I can compare to mine. I have this working but sleep results in reboot when trying to wake: My config: GA-X58-UD3R version 1.0 with f8D BIOS 10.6.2 64 bit mode 10.5 boot loader by Netkas GE-Force 8800GS 384MB video card in Syestem/Library/Extensions/ I have ALC-888 sound via hacked AppleHDA.kext and Lan via RTL1000 snow. In Extra/Extensions/ I have fakesmc 2.5, IOAHCI orange icon fix, jmicron fix, openhaltsretsart, platformuuid kexts. removed nullcpupm.kext - no problems booting Thanks.
  10. Thanks - Does your plugin driver package include support for JMicron controller and >2GB memory error ... ?
  11. trexplorer

    GMA 950 Overclockable on the Mac

    Not working on my Dell 6400.
  12. This seems to be a known limitation. Read posts 140 and 149 at the chameleon site. cheers ...
  13. Yeah, I also had this error. Seems like the boot files might get corrupted after a couple of days for some reason. I re-installed version 1 (booted from a 2nd drive) and all is well again (including hibernate). Version 2 looks good but think I'll wait til more of the bugs are worked out. cheers ...
  14. trexplorer

    10.5.6 Vanilla Install on dell 6400 Laptop

    I've always done installs manually fr a working desktop and an original Mac Install Disk. I don't like updates/hacks followed by more updates/patches. I started this thread with the intention of methodizing same for the Dell 6400. cheers. (p.s., any moderators wanting to merge this thread into Sonotone's, please feel free)
  15. trexplorer

    10.5.6 Vanilla Install on dell 6400 Laptop

    Finally got hibernate working properly while using battery & power management kexts. For some reason "use secure virtual memory" under Security in Control Panel was being enabled every-time I installed a battery kext ... Turning off "use secure virtual memory" after the install did the trick (i.e., no more "encryptedstart isnt zero" error). Now just working on mouse tearing which is not a big deal. Perhaps I am getting it more due to my high screen res 1680x1050. Anyone else with this screen res ...? Or is there a better fix for no (or black) screen at boot-up with GMA950 other than using the old AppelIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext (i.e., the old kext fixes the black screen but results in some mouse tearing) ...? Cheers ...