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  1. I will try tomorrow again, im using 1403 bios and i tried with 15xx bios too.. i cant even make it to the install :S but tomorrow i will try with another dvd, just in case its something with the DVD.. Thank you for your help i will post news about it
  2. Guys, i really need your help..im reading this for hours and i get allways the same error while following this guide for p6t hardware mobo: P6T DELUXE ram: 3ghz 1333mhz hdd: 1 sata hdd optical: 1 sata dvd gpu: 9800gt Im following the guide using the iso supplied and a Original Retail DVD 10.5.5. I boot from the CD, after that i press F8 when the message appears.. after that, i press ESC, and then the message to type the hex from dvd ( or whatever is called ) , then i eject CD and put the original DVD, when the light from the DVD stops blinking, i write "ef" and then ENTER .. ( all going OK ) Now i press F8 and appears Mac OSX Install DVD ( or something like that ) and i write the: rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.voodoo busratio=20 -v -f rd=disk1s3 after this, all seems going good, the system starts loading alot things from the DVD, after a while, the message from multiplier 0 appers.. i press Y .. all going good.. but after a few seconds i get KERNEL PANIC and the error is: ... --- AppleSMBIOS-28 --- RTC: registerInterrupt() failed e00002df Please contact the voodoo kernel team bla bla bla bla bla bla bla... panic(cpu 0 caller ......... ... ... ... ... Debugger called: (panic) ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0 kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies) com.apple.driver.AppleRTC(1.2.2)@0x.... dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily(1.2.0)........ ... ... ... Thats it guys.. can you help me out? i have one of the latest bios.. Thanks in advance ChipX
  3. Wolfienuke ty for the tips, i rly apreciate, im kinda away from my i7 system, ( laptop now ) when i get back i will surely try that hints you gave me. ty again best regards ChipX
  4. i guess i have to buy a retail version.. the version i had here, was anything but a mac retail version ( i havent tryed patching iDeneb.. :S didnt have time for that.. waste all my day to figure it out that the f**** .dmg file i had here was nothing but another distro like iatkos or kally.. 7.0 gigs turned out to be just 2.4 gigs.. damn file -.- wasted 4 dvd Dual layer..pff i will definitly buy a retail version once i get a chance..
  5. hmm.. the long boot time disapeared after i used DSDT patch and enable all the cores. ps2..hmm..only usb around here so i havent got the chance to test ps2 ports.. im kinda stuck in the middle of dvd burning trys.. :S
  6. well.. iAtkos5 with update 10.5.6 cant mount dmg's.. im burning some dual layers omw to retail version.. i have one day to put this working..after that, christmas vacations with family , i will be here.. but with the laptop, not my lovely i7 :S
  7. well, i leaved them as they were.. didnt even touch them (so i cant remember exactly how are they selected as default) just go to customization and make sure you have, pc_efi v9, intel AHCI sata, and vodoo 9.5.0. , dont touch the others..leave them as they are.. i will try retail dvd in a few minutes
  8. well, today im going to try retail method ( i just hope i downloaded the right file ). btw, after a restart that 5 cores changed to 7 cores.. strange. hope i can use the retail without any problems, if i can use it good i will buy it for shure.
  9. update iatkos5 10.5.5 -> 10.5.6 SUCEEDED ( more or less , only 1 cpu works.. again with flag cpus=1 busratio=20 ) couldnt managed to get 4 cores working -.-
  10. hmm.. have you used busratio=20 cpus=1 ? its rly needed and btw, you should disable HT , and have only one core in bios . hope you manage to install , good luck m8. I havent tryed updating, but i will start it in a few minutes ChipX
  11. Hi there, I installed iAtkos with 9.5.0 Vodoo Kernel, geekbench says that i have 8 logical processors, so i guess it is ok..I installed the system only with some options enabled, the rest i leaved as they were default: kernel 9.5.0 Vodoo, PC_EFI V9, intel AHCI sata. after all this i just used DSDT patch, and installed Lan manually. hope this info can be usefull for you.
  12. iAtkos5 RUNNING WITH ALL CORES ENABLED! bios settings: all cores enabled and HT enabled used DSDT patcher, method discribed above. btw, it boots alot faster, it doesnt break anymore. the strange thing is that System Profiler says this: Number of Processors: 0 ( where the hell did he went to?! lol ) Total Number Of Cores: 5 ( where are those 3 nasty cores missing.. ehehe ) on geekbench: Physical Processors: 0 ( he likes to play hiding ) Logical Processors: 8 ( jackpot) AiBear ccx4700, i think we need to solve this kinda bug..eheheh , or at least try to AiBear, good luck with the tweaking hope you can bring us some good news
  13. Well, we are still figuring out the best way to "full-use" the board THEHAWKs and ccx4700 had managed to get the 4 cores (8 threads) working.. you should check all our posts, so you can see how we installed mac.. im still trying to get 4 cores on iAtkos5. best reguards ChipX
  14. @AiBear: - it is the intel AHCI that comes with the DVD, wich supports ICH10R - well, enabling all cores in bios, even with flag cpus=2, wont boot.. - for the Lan working i had to change the file: IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleYukon2.kext/Contents/Info.plist changed <key>Yukon-88E8053</key> to this <key>Yukon-88E8056</key> changed <string>Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8053</string> to this <string>Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8056</string> changed <string>0x436211AB</string> to this <string>0x436411AB</string> repaired permissions sudo chown -R root:wheel IONetworkingFamily.kext on path /System/Library rebuilded kextcache with: sudo rm -rf Extensions.mkext Extensions.kextcache do a reboot and your ready to go @ccx4700 - well, according to my Info.plist of AppleACPIPlatform.kext, it shows version 1.2.1.. hope that this can help you, if you want i can put some screenshots or upload files. i will try you way to 4 cores hope i can manage to put them working vry good job on the 4 cores. UPDATE on install of iAtkos5 ONLY 1 core must me enabled in bios.. after install, then you can enable 2 cores.
  15. you guys with Gigabyte boards are doing a very good job idd.. i hope "asus" owners get all working soon.