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  1. Hi, Its the newest MacPro............when ordering the MacPro, you can delete one of the dual CPUs from the machine, thus saving money.
  2. Hi folks, Thanks for the replies! I see that Small Dog Electronics is a sponsor here............are they a pretty good place to buy Macs from (I've not heard of them before, but their prices look good). And as far as hard drives go, I can pretty much use any garden variety SATA 7200rpm hard drive to expand a MacPro, yes? Also, is the MacPro a quiet machine, fan-wise? Oh, and do you recommend getting the AppleCare extended warranty, regardless of which desktop I buy? Thanks! Nordie
  3. Hi, I'm new to the Mac world, and am trying to put together my first Mac. First, I'm primarily a PC user, but want to use the Mac for low level video editing using iMovie. I'd also be using screenflow as a kind of Camtasia substitute. I'm generally going to be shooting short on-screen tutorials, or shooting short product descriptions for an online store (30 seconds to 1 minute each). So I won't be doing any 2-hour movies or anything like that. So, I'm torn between getting: - a high-end iMac with the 24-inch screen, 3.0ghz core 2 duo, NVidia GeForce 8800, 750gb hard drive. - a low end MacPro with only ONE 2.8ghz Xeon quad core CPU, base ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT, 750gb hard drive (I would use my existing 24-inch monitor on a KVM switch with this setup). When I priced these two out, I found only about a $300-400 difference, and I was wondering if it would be worth the stretch to get the MacPro instead? If I got the MacPro, I could add a second CPU later on, or get an upgraded ATI video card (ATI 3870) later on. Any opinions on this? Will the iMac do the job well for me, or would I get better longevity from the MacPro? Thanks for your opinions! Nordie P.S. Is the MacPro as easy as a PC to upgrade and "tinker" in (adding CPUs and CPU coolers, hard drives, etc.)???