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  1. refinery

    AMD 7750 (7770, 7xxxx) fixture for Mojave

    i can confirm the method linked above by Herve worked for me on my ASRock Z87 Extreme TB4 with an XFX single slot HD7750 and 10.14.6.
  2. yes, i did that, and agpm is displaying that it sees the adapter as well, however, the problem continues. you can see at the bottom of the screen that AGPM is seeing the card successfully.
  3. hi duffs, thanks so much for this. unfortunately there is no change. everything boots normally without issue, however the graphics lag/lockup issue remains. for the sake of thoroughness, I followed the guide on rampagedev's site for customizing AppleGraphicsPowerManagement with the values for my card, which did fix the AGPM Unknown platform error i was seeing during boot, that didnt make any difference either. [edit] also i tried doing a fresh install with clover to ensure i didnt have any conflicts, fresh install had the same issue.
  4. here it is. sorry for the delay. ive been continuing to work on this since my last posts and have made absolutely no headway. its basically coming down to some kind of issue with graphics drivers and this board. any time any kind of graphics drivers load, the machine becomes anything from laggy to locking up completely. 10.6, 10.7 & 10.9, all similar problems. I hope you may have some suggestions or insights here. thanks. X8DA6.zip
  5. a bit more info... did more digging through my DSDT... turns out there is no GFX0 or IGPU specified in the DSDT. all of the expansion slots are using the labels NPE(x) (shows 1-A which generally corresponds to the 10 PCIe/PCI lanes attached to the 5520 chipset) Im trying to test if my DSDT can be modified to change the graphics card slot (Currently showing as NPE3 in the DSDT) but im not sure what I should be modifying it with. I found two references to it in the DSDT and changed them to GFX0 (since im using a 5,1 mac pro SMBIOS presently) but so far I havent really gotten any good results. the only thing that consistently makes the behavior go away is disabling geforce.kext. of course, then i get no graphics acceleration, but everything else works fine then. this whole modifying a DSDT thing is very new to me and im not all that familiar with it. any tips, or pointers to help/guides would be greatly appreciated.
  6. i redid my whole setup with clover instead of chameleon and interestingly enough, it got slightly more usable. but the strangeness still continues badly enough to make it generally unusable. managed to get an instance of it freaking out in the log. as you can see, it's a whole lot of processes all going nuts so it was a little difficult to find it in the logs at first since I was expecting a whole lot of one process running amok.
  7. Hi guys, im trying to do a new mavericks build with a supermicro X8DA6. 2x X5670s, 48GB RAM. Ive tried a bunch of different ways of getting mavericks onto this thing, and I continue to have weird problems with graphics. basically, if any kind of graphics kext is loaded, the machine's UI slows to an absolute crawl. frequent finder & app crashes, lag or freeze lasting momentarily up to 4-5 seconds. nothing in activity monitor or logs to indicate an active problem, its more like it just cant handle talking to the graphics card? this is pretty universal as well, ive tried the following graphics cards and I have tried many, many different distros and tools at this point and the behavior is consistent across all installs: 8400gs gtx550ti gtx560ti gtx570 gt740 radeon 5450 radeon 6770 i first noticed that when i was booted off my usb installer, that there was absolutely no lag. eventually i determined that (at least for the nvidias, the radeons all hung at grey screens with no desktop or KPd) if geforce.kext was loaded, the slowdown would occur. frequently couldnt even get to the desktop with the 8400. really only had success with the 5x0s and the 740 in getting to the desktop and even then, within a second or two the graphics slowndown starts and progressive gets worse to the point you just have to reboot the thing. I should also point out that every one of these graphics cards has been previously used without issue in other hackintosh builds. im using no flags other than IGPEnabler=No and GraphicsEnabler=Yes, except in cases where the kexts or changes Ive made specifically instruct to change GE to =No (except for the GT740 which is always GE=No)... at times I have to use npci=0x2000 or PCIRootUID=0, dependent on whether or not I have the DSDT loaded (more on that below) tried several different smbios... mac pro 3,1, 4,1, and 5,1, no change in behavior. ive pretty extensively covered BIOS options, disabled VT-D of course, went through disabling all kinds of obscure things: HPET, ASPM, changing ACPI versions between 1, 2 and 3, turning off usb legacy mode, disabling speed step, turbo boost, any kind of CPU power throttling... (the x8da6 has bios options ive never even heard of before this) ive tried all kinds of boot options, npci 0x2000, 0x3000, pci root uid 0 & 1, nvidia web drivers (those seemed to only make the lag worse), moving AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext (or whatever its called) out of S/L/E... extracted a clean DSDT off Ubuntu and compiled it with MacIASL with only minimal issues. that made the lag ever so slightly better but still generally unusable. somebody on another forum suggested injecting the graphics code into the DSDT, but im not really experienced with that. from what ive read I should be able to find a reference to a GFX0 within the DSDT and mine does not have that. tried snow leopard, that just KPd constantly couldnt even boot installer. Lion was slightly better but was consistently freezing after a minute or two... mavericks has behaved the best. i dont have ML to work with. tried other methods too, all various degrees of success or failure but the major graphics issues are consistent. im running bios 2.1, this is a brand new board that i got direct from supermicro. i know its not a motherboard issue as well as I did a windows 7 install and it functions without issue. ive seen a few other people mention they have X8DA6s, would love to get some insight on what they had to do to get it working, or any tips or suggestions people might have to get this going. thanks! here's a look at some of my BIOS options available, and also my DSDT. if anybody could take a look and suggest where I should be injecting my graphics code into that DSDT, it would be appreicated. DSDT.zip
  8. refinery

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    would anyone have any information on making this work on snow leopard? im running an asus p7p55d-e pro on 10.6.8, the 8111D's performance is awful on this board, i can never get above 50mb/sec (usually more around 30-35) while all my other devices can pull the same file off my server at close to maxing out the gigabit connection (the files in question are on a raid50, so its not a bottleneck on the server side) using the driver as provided compiled does not see the NIC at all (as to be expected, it says 10.8 only) i tried to build it using the xcode project in xcode 4.2 on my machine but it just throws a lot of errors, mostly about "use of undeclared identifier 'kChecksumTCPIPv6'" or 'kChecksumUDPIPv6'; did you mean 'kChecksumUDP' im no coding expert so I dont really know what to do about these. i'd very much love to get better networking performance out of my machine without having to resort to buying an additional NIC. whole point of building a hackintosh was having extra expansion slots over a mac pro. ive already gotten stung once with my original logic board choice (evga p55 ftw200) as there is no osx support at all and never will be for the marvell 88e8057 chipset. any help would be appreciated to get this working. and before people suggest it, going to lion or mountain lion is *NOT* an option. i have multiple specific reasons for staying on snow leopard both technical and personal.
  9. ok through a lot of experimentation, downloads and various attempts, i was able to get the graphics card working with the card code added to my boot.plist under device_properties and some other hacks. if there's one thing i can share from this experience - make sure you are using a 10.6.3 installation and not a 10.6.0. 10.6.0 wont work.
  10. can anybody point me in the way of a clear tutorial on how to do add that to the plist? ive been searching and all the methods that ive found are described very poorly or key details missing. oh and i did get audio working. just installed cerastez' patch again and it started working. weird.
  11. ok guys, just wanted to give an update. turns out i was using a 10.6.0 iso and not a 10.6.3. I got my hands on 10.6.3 and was able to install successfully. I did have to switch from myHack to Chameleon bootloader, because the system refused to boot unless i used the npci=0x2000 fix. myHack didnt seem to offer any way of specifying that in the bootloader, and it seems like myhack is directly using chameleon now anyway on their newer packages... anyway, Once i did that, it worked fine and i have a bootable system with 10.6.8. however, im still having two issues: 1. audio is not recognized or working (i did install both kexts correctly - ethernet is working fine after the MAC address fix) 2. my video card, while recognized, is not showing any resolutions outside the one specified in the boot.plist. (i understand that's outside the scope of this article)... it shows it as 8400GS, nvidia, even includes the ROM revision... but no other resolutions besides 1028x768... any suggestions on how to fix those two? thanks again for the help!!! this is going great now, just need to fix those two issues and i should be set.
  12. thank you for all the tips, guys, i really appreciate the assistance here.. awesome community and way more firendly & helpful than others i have visited. i will try these suggestions out and report back. thanks again!
  13. Cerastez - tried that, i get the same errors in the same places. i ended up trying using the nawcom boot cd and was able to get a lot further into the process, but hitting another roadblock. I'm able to get all the way to the part of installing the 10.6.8 combo updater, but without fail, the installer fails with an error about the install failed, contact the manufacturer for details. Ive run repair permissions several times before running this, but it keeps failing at the same point. ive included the console error output: Jul 6 00:24:51 Macintosh installd[253]: Deferred path /usr/bin/mdcheckschema is not in sandbox and will be skipped. Jul 6 00:24:51 Macintosh installd[253]: PackageKit: Shoving /var/folders/zz/zzzivhrRnAmviuee+++++++++++/-Tmp-/PKInstallSandbox-tmp/Root (9 items) to / Jul 6 00:25:10 Macintosh /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PackageKit.framework/Resources/shove[281]: Cross device symlink found in shove path, including /private/etc Jul 6 00:25:10 Macintosh /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PackageKit.framework/Resources/shove[281]: [source=file] failed _RelinkFile(/var/folders/zz/zzzivhrRnAmviuee+++++++++++/-Tmp-/PKInstallSandbox-tmp/Root/private/etc/php.ini.default, /private/etc/php.ini.default): Directory not empty Jul 6 00:25:11 Macintosh installd[253]: PackageKit: Install Failed: (null)\nError Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=120 UserInfo=0x3426280 "An unexpected error occurred while moving files to the final destination." Underlying Error=(Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=66 "The operation couldn’t be completed. Directory not empty") {\n NSLocalizedDescription = "An unexpected error occurred while moving files to the final destination.";\n NSUnderlyingError = "Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=66 \"The operation couldn\U2019t be completed. Directory not empty\"";\n arguments = (\n "-f",\n "-s",\n "/var/folders/zz/zzzivhrRnAmviuee+++++++++++/-Tmp-/PKInstallSandbox-tmp/Root",\n "/"\n );\n} Jul 6 00:25:11 Macintosh Installer[206]: install:didFailWithError:Error Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=120 UserInfo=0xbb8fc10 "An unexpected error occurred while moving files to the final destination." Underlying Error=(Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=66 "The operation couldn’t be completed. Directory not empty") Jul 6 00:25:11 Macintosh Installer[206]: Install failed: The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Jul 6 00:25:12 Macintosh Installer[206]: Entering Summary section Jul 6 00:25:12 Macintosh Installer[206]: Physical Memory Allocation: 301 MB wired, 771 MB trapped, 338 MB active, 371 MB inactive, 2315 MB free, 3024 MB usable, 4096 MB total Jul 6 00:25:12 Macintosh Installer[206]: IFDInstallController 185850 state = 7 Jul 6 00:25:12 Macintosh Installer[206]: Displaying 'Install Failed' UI. Jul 6 00:25:12 Macintosh Installer[206]: 'Install Failed' UI displayed message:'The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.'. does anyone have any suggestions for how i might get past this? it seems like im so close at this point. i tried using pacifist to install the combo update, but that just made the system unstable and then it wouldnt barely get past the bootloader the next time around before hard KPing. ive made a disk image of the system so i can at least quickly get back to the point of right before the 10.6.8 update is run in case i break something, so feel free to suggest anything.
  14. ive been trying for days to get this to work. no matter what, i almost always get a KP on IOATAFamily... i tried removing it from the extensions but then it wont even see the hard drive. sometimes by booting through safe mode i can get past the problem and install OSX, but when i use ###### after the initial install, it either goes into a reboot loop, or it still crashes at the IOATAFamily extension. i would love to get this working. anybody got any tips? I have followed this tutorial *to the letter* and i also used a different distro and had pretty much exactly the same problems, or it would hang in verbose mode after "systemshutdown false" GX620 w/ 3.4ghz Pentium D 4GB RAM 1TB HD Asus DVDRW Asus 8400GS Silent thanks! the two errors i keep getting. please let me know if i need to post more info about my setup. oh, and the only things i have changed in BIOS were to turn off the floppy drive, SATA mode to "combination" and I had to disable "SERR DMI" mode otherwise it wouldnt even get to the bootloader screen.