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    KDE 4.0 Release Candidate 1 released

    The first screenshot is an old one. From KDE4 alpha1 or something like that. As far as I am concerned, although I think KDE4 might be really nice when more "mature", I still find it too buggy, and Plasma still lacks some very basic functionalities right now, making it unusable for everyday use. But yet, it's not even released...
  2. vince29

    My new song's lyrics.

    Wow ! Isn't your band called "mystic spiral" ?
  3. vince29

    Tablet digitizers operational?

    yes, a driver has been recently (less than a week) released. For more info, you can use the search function. Hint : wacom, tablet PC...
  4. vince29

    now that 10.4.8 is cracked...

    x1400 or any other exotic hardware won't automatically work better than it was previously without proper drivers. The kernel is one thing, but it still needs extension to recognise and work with hardware.
  5. There is currently a shortage on macbooks in france. They can't be found anywhere... Some vendors say it's an AppleExpo side effect, some others say Apple is upgrading the line. As for today's event coverage, I couldn't find anything either.
  6. JAPPO : does your dell include wifi, bluetooth and a webcam ? I know everybody doesn't need this, but that kind of small things makes a price rise quite quickly. Another thought : any mac comes with iLife. I know a Dell can be shipped with some media oriented software too, but how much do you add for this ?
  7. vince29

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Well, if you had read a little of this thread, just the last posts, you could have understood that there is no working driver for 2200bg chipset. Tuxx had began writing one, so did Aroman. Both have dropped the project, and thus the release of such a driver depends on someone will to continue development till its end.
  8. Why do always people take aything dark and sadly simple as "professional" ? I hate brushed metal, but I really like itunes 6 UI, with aqua scrollbars and unified colors, although a lighter color scheme woud have been better (in my view). And I really think the new icon is hugly. Why creating a new mate UI if they put such a shiny, Vista like icon ?
  9. vince29

    PCMCIA Video Card!

    PCMCIA isn't supported on all osx86 laptops, though.
  10. everyone with QE and CI enabled but people who own a x1600/x1800 have that problem. Search for mousepose. It's just a dirty workaround, but it better than anything.
  11. A few weeks ago, I designed this skin for a widget my brother was writing. He still hasn't finished it, and as I was cleaning my HD, I came across it. I thinks it lacks something, but I can't figure what. Any idea on how I could improve this design ? The blue squares are supposed to hold cd covers for previously played songs, and can be hidden along with the two navigation arrows through the "history" button on the widget. The two hands are for voting fot the currently playing song.
  12. vince29

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    708 years ago, Scotish rebels were defeated during the bettle of Falkirk.
  13. vince29

    Ipod (6th gen)

    you can already do that, provided you have bought an adapter, let's say... in an Apple Store ;p
  14. vince29

    Best Summer Movie?

    Cars... Definitely my favorite movie this summer. Next comes Miami Vice. The worst I've seen was Superman Returns.