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  1. Any ideas on this one?

    Ok so i've been trying to get my sound working for a while and thought my codec was ALC880. My id's are 10ec 0880, but when i run the realtek sound manager it says the its ALC860 idk why its like that anyone have any thoughts???
  2. Audio Issues

    Well now the icon went away and nothing shows up. But before when it was there it didnt work on the front or back output jacks. Idk maybe i dont have the correct drivers but i have Azalia which i guess from what i read is supposed to work.
  3. Audio Issues

    I just installed 10.5.4 on my pc. The iAtkios version.... it makes the sound come up and has the icon but no sound comes out. Anyone have an idea what to do. It ALC880. Please anyone got a plan.
  4. USB Wireless Help

    OK so yesterday I installed Kalyway's 10.5.2 Leopard OS and it runs great and everything. The only problem is that my USB Wireless Adapter comes up in system profiler as USB WLan and says Atheros Communications as the vendor. I cant connect or use it at all, I've tried everything i dont now what to do. Anyone give me some help or if needed more information just post it up, thanks.