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  1. I get these errors on my real macbook pro so not a hack specific issue. Whether that means it doesn't have an impact or not, i can't say.
  2. rcork

    FakeSmc Console Spam

    I have the same console spam but uninstalling iStat didn't fix it. Any ideas on what else may be causing it. I've enabled DEBUG and VERBOSE in FakeSMC but it doesn't give any info on what application is causing it.
  3. Just thought i'd share my experience trying to play Blurays on my Hack. I found that i can play Blurays using WinDVD 11 (not 11.5) on a Parallels virtual machine running Windows 7 with AnyDVD HD installed. WinDVD plays the discs perfectly with menus, extras, etc. This same setup did not work with a Windows 8 virtual machine. Not sure why but it had to be Windows 7. Also, i tried under VMWare Fusion and it did not work, regardless of OS. So now i can play back Blurays with all the menus and extras without having to rip or transcode.
  4. I need WOL (aka Wake for Network Access) so that my AppleTV's can wake my hack when the kids want to watch movies. Otherwise it's a pain to go wake up the computer every time they want to use the AppleTVs.
  5. Does this driver support WOL yet? Last time i checked hnak was waiting for Lnx2Mac to open source his Realtek driver.
  6. rcork

    Pandora's Box (Beta1 Testing)

    Is it possible to supply our own smbios.plist and not have the tool generate a generic one. If not, I'd like to suggest this as a feature for the next beta. Being able to put a smbios.plist in the InsanelyBox folder and have the tool use that instead would be great.
  7. I use FW800 with my 2nd gen Drobo and a camcorder. I think FW is more prevalent then you think. Plus TB is not hot swappable on non Mac hardware so having to reboot to plug in the adapter is not ideal.
  8. That is just the DRAM controller and the PCI Express controller. Those are not the actual CPU. I have the same output from lspci for my Ivy Bridge i7-3770k.
  9. Installing the latest chameleon (r2189) and FileNVRAM module (1.1.3) fixed the problem.
  10. Same problem and i think it started after installing 10.8.3. I tried installing r2168 and it still crashes. Anyone have 2140 to try out?
  11. rcork

    [SOLVED]chflags nohidden

    sudo chflags -R nohidden [name of kext].kext worked fine for me
  12. Chameleon fix is still working fine for me. I think it's just a personal preference whether to use Chamleon + NVRAM module or Clover. I tried both, both worked but i'm more comfortable with Chameleon and Chameleon feels more stable at this point than Clover so i'm sticking with Chameleon.
  13. rcork

    Which apps give problems in hacks?

    I guess they fixed it then. Originally you had to run sudo nvram 8BE4DF61-93CA-11d2-AA0D-00E098032B8C:BootCurrent=1 when installing PD on Lion. Good to know it's not needed anymore because i had a startup script adding it at boot.
  14. rcork

    Which apps give problems in hacks?

    Parallels Desktop 8 on a Hack requires an nvram key to be added in order to run
  15. rcork

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Any benefit of using the iMac13,2 smbios. I've always used 12,2 with my ivy bridge 3770k.