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  1. Hi everyone Thanks for those who share and done hardwork atfirst I wonder in to look for same things ****both core**** but then I got a question in my mind So, does the mod bios effect using window in multi OS system and if it does what it would be thanks for anyone that spend time to read read ************************************************** travelmate 6292 T7100 2GB 160 G armed with opensolaris vista and 1 cripple leopard(1 leg ) 10.5.2 multiboot by whatever came with kalyway
  2. Intel Q45CB

    any driver for this device vendor 11D4 device 1882
  3. HELP! Acer TM 6292 !

    I still got that boot problem but it never gone over 3 times in worst case . I neither have a clue nor how to fix it but I keep those plist and kext clean I only keep one that I'm sure it work and repair permission frequently and when u reboot use -f in first shot and dont use any flag unecessary and one thing use gma 950 that come with kalyway save u alot of trouble I go for 10.5.6 too but I getback to 5.2 now it the most stable with speedstep almost same as vista not too hot Only got one word for u keep it minimum mod
  4. success story x3100 acer tm 6292

    use these I get it from 10.5.6 combo update first i use 950 but when I change to 3100 it also work Just put it in extension folder including natit if u lost it and dont forget to delete all nvidia driver the repair permission as usual then inslall 9f23installer.pkg (u can find it in this forum ) and reboot . (you should delete all your appleintel including integrateframebuffer berfore put a new one driver ) hope can help
  5. success story x3100 acer tm 6292

    i use 950 driver lates version and 9f23driver software q.tiff
  6. cant DL new x3100 driver

    any one help please 1.tiff
  7. me too and did u guys have any hardtime booting???
  8. ิิboot problem

    I got stuck booting sometime with ........................depend on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi use only one....... anyhelp ????? I reboot until It works.
  9. same model i use kalway 10.5.2 suggest try change option and kernel start at minimum
  10. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    First succeed with10.4.10 on TM290 pentium m 1.5 512 everything work fine and now use 10.5.2 on TM6292 T7100 1.8 2GB a bit more rough always have to switch on an off 4 - 5 time to boot up often freezing at coconut logo. when use -v got something like "depend on both com.apple or apple.com or something. ,when got in still couldn't get bg3945 wireless to work but bcm 5787 work fine and bluetooth sound all basic workwell even verygood fast smart and beauty if not go mobile apart from fan too noisy its too hot can burn yourhand easily(from its metal chell) battery last down to merely 2 hours (3with vista) even force to single core get me not far from 2 hrs. but it almost never quit on me no freez (apart from boot up ) no any thing thats hit you when in a hurry . but I love it but I'm not gonna buy mac either. it always make me feel worth for money I pay when it comes to the lowest model. ha ha says it the balance OS ever . (I don't know much anyway) now in vista come post some pic later bye . I get it to work with macam but only with ichat and have to install every time by the way forgot to tell i use kalway 10.5.2 work mainly use external usb cause it the fastest