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  1. Unable to connect to the Internet

    I take it, from your lack of response, that you have found a solution?
  2. Unable to connect to the Internet

    do you know which release you are running????? Did you install it to the VM or download it already in a VM?
  3. I did a lengthy search for you, but i came up with no download links. It really annoys me that there isnt a single repository for all ther kernels, ktexts, and patches. I have had much trouble locating things in the past. I wish someone would setup a community filestore for everyone to drop things and pick things up. A simple FTP account even. This things fall off the face of the earth so quickly. Its extremely frustrating.
  4. Need a bit of advice

    I know its probably not what you want to hear but id suggest backing up your data and apps and doing a clean installation of 10.5. There are lots of 10.5.x builds around. I just tried out the iATKOS i4 install dvd and it worked pretty nicely!
  5. No Sound in VM

    Hello Everyone, I have installed 10.4.8 into a VM (Using VMware Workstation 6.0.4) and everything is working okay (although a little slowly) except I get no sound. OS X detects no sound device, although it is connected through VMware. I was wondering if anyone had experienced this issue or if anyone knows how I might resolve it. -Jackson