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  1. Sis 7012

    Hello, On my installation eveything works except sound. I have a SiS 7012 onboard sound card. last year I Installed OSX86 but my internet wasn't working. But I this week I found a solution. So I installed it with success. But last year my sound wasn't working, and I found a driver. It worked I had sound but no internet so I uninstalled OSX86 and forgot about it. Until now. So I was searching for that driver, I found the links I use but all of them are broken or the complete website has vanished. So I wanted to ask someone that got his setup working with a SiS 7012 sound card, to give me a copy of the driver. I found something: Going to test it it soon.
  2. @~pcwiz You said that would not come in the database. But if for an example I have a SiS900 LAN card, but the driver on the forums does not work. Would you edit it so that it would work and then add it to the database? Or does that fall under the old unsupported hardware? Also the hard is supported because with the broken driver it works, but only really uncommon. It works 1 time for 15 min and then when you restart it stops....
  3. SiS 900

  4. SiS 900

    Hello, I'd like to ask for someone to create a good driver for the SiS 900 Card.... Because the creator of the previous one told us himself that there were problems with the driver... So that is what I wanted to ask, because I think a lot of people could use this driver. If I knew how to create or edit drivers I would most certainly help in creating the driver, so if someone has a good tutorial or something for me I would be very glad. Thanks in advance.
  5. [WORKING]SiS900 Ethernet Driver

    I also have a lot of problems with this driver.... Could somebody check out the driver? My problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=124664
  6. SiS900 Internet works Randomly.

    Has anybody been able to find anything?
  7. SiS900 Internet works Randomly.

    You can find it in this thread. The first post. BTW, you can find the Linux drivers here. Just follow the steps. - Linux - Network driver - SiS 900 & Integrated SiS LAN
  8. SiS900 Internet works Randomly.

    Oh k, Thanks for the reply, xD. That's a releave actualy, because I tought it had soemthing to do with my hardware, so I kept installing different distro's. But now I can install my favorite distro and wait for someone to look at that code or look at it myself, if I can find a tutorial on how to wright these stuff.... PS: I think the problem has to do with the Ethernet ID, it always states ff:ff: and so on.
  9. Hello, I've installed Kalyway 10.5.2 succesfully. And updated it to 10.5.4, also with succes. But now I installed the drivers for SiS 900, it states connected in the system preferences. But Safari and other programs using the internet can't seem to connect. I find it really strange. And it gets stranger ! Sometimes the internet just randomly starts to work . But after a few minutes 10-15 or more it just stops . And also if I restart in that 10-15 minutes it also disapears(the internet). If somebody know a solution for this, its very welcome !! Thanks in advance.