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  1. Yea, booting into safe mode after installing the combo update should solve the issue, this NEEDS to be added in the guide .
  2. Download the shutdown fix located in ls8's GA-P35-DS4 thread and you should be good to go .
  3. What kexts would work with this and which ones won't? I'm confused as to which ones will actually load properly. I plan to use the kexts found in ls8's GA-P35-DS4 pack (not including the realtek patch though), plus the shutdown fix, and IONeworkingFamily kext. It would be a good idea to have a list compiled so we all know which kexts can be loaded without issues. Thank you , this is a great method for OSX86 installs .
  4. I recently installed OS X 10.5.5 on a GA-EP35-DS4 and I'm having issues with some programs not being able to load, the reason is that the audio device is working fine, but not actually showing up in the system profiler (which is normal with this mobo). However, some programs don't load because they can't find an audio device, some programs include Gargeband, Halo, Logic Studio... In Garageband, you can't even play any instrument, and Halo won't load because it says I need to configure the audio device properly. Is there anyway to get around this limitation?
  5. I'm going to try an updated SMbios and NVKush kexts instead of using EFI strings and see if it works, I've heard that those could be causing some issues with 10.5.5. I'll update this post if this works out .
  6. 1.) Would it be possible to use a 10.5.4 retail disc with this guide? (That is the only retail disc I have right now unfortunatley) 2.) I just want Leopard, could I just use the boot132 iso, install the retail 10.5.4 and then use your guide to install the kexts/drivers? 3.) How would I go about installing 10.5.5 from stratch, I assume the 10.5.5 section is for people updating from 10.5.2? 4.) Would I have to do anything different to install the kext from the directions listed in the 10.5.5 section if I were to update from 10.5.4? 5.) With this audio patch, would it properly recognize the sound output? (I used a different guide, the sound worked, but OS X couldn't detect the output device, therefore several programs wouldn't start or wouldn't work properly, i.e.: Halo, Garageband, Logic Studio) EDIT: It looks like there isn't a way to get it to display properly, is there anyway to make these applications work? Thank you . Here's my hardware if it makes any difference: Motherboard: GA-EP35-DS4 revision 2.1 F5 BIOS CPU: Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz 1333Mhz FSB RAM: Gskill 4GB DDR1000 5-5-5-15 timings Video Card: EVGA 8800GT Hard Drive: WD 500GB AAKS Wireless Adapter: Asus WL-138g V2
  7. ATI Sapphire 3870 Patch?

    Hello I'm wondering how you would install the patch needed for the ATI Sapphire 3870, I looked it up in the HCL wiki and it said it needed a patch. I'm building a hackintosh soon, but I don't want to buy this video card without know exactly how to install this patch. If anybody could direct me or type up clear instructions on how to get this card working, I would be very greatful .