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  1. aGent v4 - http://agent.liquiddigital.com.au Does anyone know please, if this web cam would plug and play into a hacintosh? Thks.
  2. Hi! Try as I might I cannot seem to find in the forums a solution to my problem - or perhaps it's just that I am not understanding the solution. I'd like to list down my observations in regards to what could be relative to the prob: - Problem: - VF0470 Live! Cam NotebookWebcam does not work. In Ichat: - The mike works, but it says "There is no camera attached to this computer." (screenshot attached) Using the Ichat iusb add-on, it says 'No Settings' and does not allow change (sh attached). In skype: - It says "No video camera connected" (sh attached). I cannot seem to get it to show the mike settings. Macam and photo booth do not recognise the web cam at all. In 'About this Mac" / "More Info: - under'USB' in the 'Contents section to the left of the window I have connected : - direct to computer's USB - the webcam, and a 40gb 2.5" Hdd in an external enclosure (which says high speed usb 2.0 on the box). via a 4 port usb hub (which also has usb 2.0 written on it): - my Samsung Omnia, and a usb 4gb stick. - (sh of system profiler attached) (I'm using ps2 kbd + mouse.) I'm wondering: - is this a usb problem or a webcam problem? What confuses me is that under the USB bus, the web cam is recognised, and the ichat recognises the mike but not the web cam (screenshot attached). osx - kalyway 10.5.4 Thanks for reading through. System_Profiler_SH.tiff iusb_sh.tiff Ichat_SH.tiff Skype_sh.tiff