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  1. Oblivion 100% Playble

    Hello Everybody ! First post I found a better workaround ! It seems the problem with impact sound comes from an incompatibility between wine and hardware sound acceleration. In [audio] section of Oblivion.ini set bDSoundHWAcceleration=0 and bUseSoftwareAudio3D=1 to turn it off and you won't jump out of your chair any more every time you run into a fallen weapon. I also had big problems with trees making the game very slow in forested area, the following set of option helped me a lot : (found on a windows tweaking guide) [SpeedTree] iTreeClonesAllowed=12 fCanopyShadowGrassMult=0.5000 iCanopyShadowScale=768 fTreeForceMaxBudAngle=-1.0000 fTreeForceMinBudAngle=-1.0000 fTreeForceLeafDimming=-1.0000 fTreeForceBranchDimming=-1.0000 fTreeForceCS=-1.0000 fTreeForceLLA=-1.0000 fTreeLODExponent=0.2000 bEnableTrees=1 bForceFullLOD=0 fLODTreeMipMapLODBias=0.0000 fLocalTreeMipMapLODBias=0.0000 A grass amelioration (didn't test any grass tweaking addon yet since I only just managed to make "big" addons work) : [Grass] iMinGrassSize=100 fGrassEndDistance=8000.0000 fGrassStartFadeDistance=7000.0000 bGrassPointLighting=0 bDrawShaderGrass=1 iGrassDensityEvalSize=5 iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=1 fWaveOffsetRange=1.7500 fGrassWindMagnitudeMax=125.0000 fGrassWindMagnitudeMin=5.0000 fTexturePctThreshold=0.3000 Could not find a good way to prevent the game from freezing when killing a monster but it seems the game have lots of problems when Havok is kicking in... some link may be possible. [Edit : bMusicEnabled=0 works well for pre and post-combat freezes] I also have loading issue even with multi threaded loading... Could there be an incompatibility with Wine and multi threading?