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  1. endafy

    iwork 09 serial for iwork.com

    I simply googled iWork09 serial and I got one from looking for it... try it
  2. endafy

    Error installing Parallels 4 on OSX86 PC

    I love newbies... Parallels will not install on a virtual machine. It detects that the OS is running in a virtual machine, and will refuse to run. Parralels is VMWare with a few code changes.
  3. endafy

    Real Big Problem

    Try mounting it in Ubuntu for Mac. It sounds like either a CRC error of the boot sector or you dropped your mac. Let's hope this is not the latter case! Again NEVER use Windows!!! It breaks things!
  4. endafy

    Screen Replacement - MBP 17"

    http://www.macproonline.com/Shop/Control/P...id/0/rid/129150 Cheapest I found that is compatible with the non LED configuration of the old macbooks... Hope this helps. The newer LED screens work but you need a way to power the LED backlighting. This only works with the UUM and UUN models without LED backlighting. They have mercury in them so be careful!
  5. endafy

    Need OS 9

    Tiger should install on a G3. My mom has a G3 with Tiger without an issue. If you already own OSX Tiger disk, maybe you can download OS9 off of TPB. I don't know if I am allowed to post links to such, so I wont for now, but I seen one with a good 100+ seeders. You could have the iso in half an hour or so.
  6. endafy

    iPC on Abit KN8 SLI

    I got iPC installed 98% working! iPC on an: Abit KN8 SLI SLI board configuration Abit 7950GTX x2 8GIG ram DDR400 AMD FX60 Onboard AC'97 sound 7.1 surround sound (Only stereo works with iPC this kinda makes me sad) Sony Optiarc 48XCD-R/RW; 22X DVD +-R/RW; 2X BD-R/RW Dual Dell 22" 1920X1080 resolution on each 4X1tb SATA 7200RPM 2X320G PATA 10000RPM One XP one iPC Sleep and hibernate don't work (Not an issue for a desktop) Other than the sound not working fully, this is as close to a real Mac as I have ever come. I will definitely buy a Mac Mini when the new one comes to be. This is my old gaming rig. It has long since been retired but I decided to give it a spin before parting it out. I am going to keep all the drives and video cards (for now) then when I get the 7300LE in the mail it will become my Mac (for now). I will also drop a 500G into it, either that ot keep one of the 320G in it. I am buying 4 SSD 128Gigs. I will put one into the Mac mini, one into my new gaming rig and put the rest on my shelf for sale. This is my third run with OSX86. I started with Tiger with some success, then moved on to Kaliway, but as Kaliway goes nothing worked and I would rather keep using what I had, than this. iPC has made the decision for me buying a real Mac. I am waiting on Snow Leopard and the new Mac Mini. My reason for buying a Mini and not the Pro is size. Honestly something so small has some good uses. Price for me isn't an issue. I run a computer shop and can afford a 5 grand machine easy. If you want a perfect Mac experience, iPC on Abit KN8 SLI is where its at. -Chris
  7. endafy

    The 10 Best Linus Torvalds Quotes

    vapor i agree to a point... have you ever met him in person? he is really down to earth and well him and I share the same sense of humor. Not full of himself but it is funny to see people like you get mad over somethings so trivial. you don't see the punchline and get angry because you missed out on the joke and when the rest of the people are done laughing you finally realize why it is funny then go to laugh, feel humiliated, then get angry and say the same things... 6. “Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen a angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100 mph.” Best one ever... What I don't get is why people think he isn't that smart? Have you ever tried to write an entire OS all on your own with your own code and nowhere to start from except a closed source environment? He has. Judd Vinet, Jordan Hubbard, and Daniel Robbins all took his kernel and re-implemented them more intelligently but as we all know it is easier to take someone else's idea and improve upon it. Linus knew this and it is why OSS is so amazing. ignorance peeves me off
  8. endafy

    Linux For an OS X User

    Anything with KDE say PCLinuxOS
  9. endafy

    I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

    My initial thought was why they allowed for such commands to be run in a newbish distribution. In my slackware box su chmod -R 000 / and rm -r / do not work at all and come back with a reply like "don't be stupid" or "this is a good way toward a headache" Honestly a 4 line script can block such things. DUHHHHHH write a newb distro expect newbs to make newb mistakes and then tell other newbs to do it bc they thought it was funny/a way to teach a lesson. Don't post that BS but write a simple disable script or steal one from debian or slackware. Who is the bigger newb here the devs or the newb telling the other newb to run the comman.
  10. endafy

    What do you think so far ?

    At first I thought I was staring at a mac... BTW use KDE easier to emulate MAC there
  11. endafy

    Linux Distributions

    Yes they are now that AMD owns ATI and forced them to open the source code. The way to go with Linux is AMD/ATI now. Crossfire works perfectly where as SLI has some real issues.
  12. endafy

    KDE 4 or Gnome?

    KDE 3.5.9 for now until KDE 4 gets to where it's predecessor is at. KDE 4.1 is amazing in how far it has come. It is a completely newly re-written DE from scratch with no old code. It has an emulator to run old KDE 3 software but it shouldn't even be version 4 it should be version 1.1 of an entirely new name. It is truely a work of art and imho puts OS X to shame. If memory serves correctly 3.1 wasn't nearly as feature complete as 4.1 is. They seem to do this and seem to push the curve. KDE introduced multiple desktops, konfubular, and impliments widgets better than osx does by default. Vista didn't steal from OSX no they stole from KDE. I remember seeing the Longhorn concept video and honestly thought a lawsuit was in order. I am not a fanboy in the least but know that KDE has pushed the GUI technology curve far ahead as long as it has existed. It is taking the widget engine to an entirely new level and OSX+KDE FTW. I can't wait to see what KDE 4.5 will look like :-P. KDE seems to be the quiet pretty girl noone pays attention to but the other less pretty girls in class who try to copy her but are louder and more outgoing so the boys play with them instead. Gnome was just a pet project based off of Gimp. GTK wasn't suppose to be a window manager at all but a tool to make plugins easier to manage than in photoshop but got completely abandon for the POS that Gnome is. My only wish was that they actually stopped slaving over Gnome and actually make the Gimp better than Photoshop...
  13. endafy

    iworks vs msoffice vs openoffice

    Actually since Open Office 2.4.1 it has all the functionality of Office 2007/8 so OOo FTW. I have tried the 3.0 beta's and they are looking amazing. It is what made MS Office great but MS killed with that ugly ribbon BS.
  14. endafy

    Windows Vista is fine

    Vista for me works for what I need it for. As Pirillo says Microsoft is killing it's power users and we are switching to Linux and Mac which is bad for two reasons. 1. Power users will use Linux/Mac which in turn leads to 2. Power users friends and family will use Linux/Mac which will lead to more and more... MS is shooting itself and for what?
  15. endafy

    Is Apple "Worth It"?

    Actually Linux is where it is because it is free and OSS. Me and 20 other developers/programmers I know moved to Linux overnight from Windows. Our software was eaten alive and redistributed through almost every major distribution. Perhaps you may have heard of it... Cheese... Windows sucks but because it is developed by a bunch of hacks. Mac being a glorified BSD system HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow OSX is based on Mach not BSD wrong *nix there buddy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_kernel Honestly a little research will take you further than trying to sound cool. Mach is nice and quite honestly puts BSD to shame. It is a lot like Linux in how it operates. Mach is to BSD what Minix was to Unix and what Linux is to Minix. But it is not OSS but uses a few derivitives from BSD but the BSD license allows this to exist. Cue Windows 98se where Windows 98 was a bust and needed fixing so they took a boat load of BSD code, implimented it, and gave 98se as a free upgrade to those who bought Windows 98 and produced a receipt and went through the arduous "upgrade program". I love this where the ill informed thinks he knows everything. Is a Mac worth it? No not with Linux hanging around, with cheap computers at CostCo or WallMart, and with current laws not allowing such things. Sure over there in the US where your dollar is worth half of our £ you may have issues but with us here in the UK becomming a new superpower Apple will have a better chance in haties than trying that here. It is still considered more of a toy still but once they become more and more popular and people buy them they will run into some real problems trying to just allow the OS to run on Apple only hardware. Fair Use FTW! I see Linux really becomming a popular thing like within the next couple of months. Hardware vendors are waking up and making drivers and Dell preinstalling them. No Mac was, is, and will continue to be a fan based toy with some cool effects and hollywood placement for the ignorant. Why would I want to go through the hassle of putting it together? Well for one it is fun, and two it is cheaper. Would you drive a car without knowing how to change the oil or a tire? Would you buy a Dell or HP without knowing how to swap out the ram? I built a hotrod car and a hotrod PC with dual video cards because I can. Is it hard? Sure but it is fun. If you don't want the hassle buy HP or Dell. Point Case and Win. Despite ignorance truth happens... over and over and over...