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  1. Administrator privileges issues

    Thanks for the reply, I have tried this before posting but it doesn't seem to help... I have to manually set permissions as "owned by me" before launching the app to register. It was supposed to be set that way by default but it seems it doesn't work, so I have to set this manually for the registration to hold. Not a big deal but I think it's weird... and it never happened in snow leopard
  2. Hello I have noticed whenever I try to register my software licenses, the program doesn't hold registration because it's running without writing permissions, so I have to put the serial each and every time I run the software. No need to mention my default user has "administrator" privileges. I logged as "root" and tried again and it worked flawlessly, which got me thinking there's something wrong with my administrator privileges. Is there any way I can reset them to default? btw I don't know if this problem is exclusive to hackintosh or generic to legit mountain lion... Thank you!
  3. Bootcamp Vista errors on boot

    yeah you fixed the problem, now you have your vista asking for activation again... doh! If you install ver. 3 of vista loader (really anything newer than your 2.1.2 will do) these error msg will be gone (this goes for the msg not for the errors) wich makes vista to take soooo looooooong to boot. This is because vista loader keeps looking for the correct drive/partition to boot from. We bootcamp users have to wait till 3rd option, or else modify the GRUB (linux loader wich does the trick) preferences so it will seek for partition no. 3 at first. The main problem is I know nothing about linux, grub... Any help?
  4. Bootcamp & Vista loader

    I recently installed vista (dont hate me su much) on my macbook so I can have best of both worlds... I dont own legit vista so I installed "vista loader" wich isnt other than a bootloader for vista to think its activated... The problem is this script is made for vista to be in the first partition of the drive, wich isnt right for us bootcamp users. So it takes a loooong while to scan each partition to find the proper one to boot vista from. The question is... DOES ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO MODIFY GRUB SO IT GOES DIRECTLY TO HDA(0,3)? I've been seeking for this the whole night and the only thing I got was a headache... Im not used to linux stuff so Im getting mad at this right now, it should be easy, the file "menu.lst" its supposed to be modified but, I couldnt find it anywhere, any help? Thanx in advance.
  5. I recently installed 10.5.6 using software update. Everything seemed to work right, but I've noticed some issues: - No sleep anymore - Screensaver doesnt activate after selected delay time (3min) Everything was working fine before update, Quartz & CG still working, even I can test the screensaver, but it wont show up when simply leaving the computer alone... weird isnt it? seems like my computer is still in use for some reason... If anyone knows how to fix it I'll really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. sorry for double post, I dont really know why it happened... anyway, just forgot to post my specs: Asus P5KPL-VM Mainboard Nvidia Geforce 9800GT Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 4GB 800Mhz SDRAM 3x Seagate SATA Drives LG SATA DVD Burner Thanks again!
  6. I've done already everything posted here, but I cant get it to work... I've setting up tiger since 10.4.1 so I know what Im doing but... this time I give up here If I select GUID then install fails at nearly 100%, you know the yellow triangle... If I choose MBR instead installer will complete but leopard wont boot... I even have to let the dvd inside the drive so It could boot darwin, but it freezes anyway... Specs are: Intel Q6600 core 2 quad asus p5b deluxe (no wifi) ati x1600 (works on 10.4.8 w/natit) bios is set up as described here... any hints? tankyou
  7. I have tricked my mainboard to detect jmicron controller by using a patch to Appleviaata.kext that i have found elsewhere on this forums. It worked great for the first reboot, then every boot complaints about this not being properly installed... So i have to delete the kextcache files each time for the next boot to work, wich is a mess. I remember i have seen here a solution for this problem with other different kext, i dont really know if its the same case here but i need some help to sort it out. Any suggestions? Thanx in advance!
  8. [Guide] P5B-E w/ Jas 10.4.8

    i couldnt find Apleviaata.kext on my extensions folder.... where am i supposed to get it? i need the jmicron to be supported for my ide drives to be working... Thankyou
  9. I know there's some info around the forums about this motherboard, just want to create here a compilation so we have a definitive guide on this hardware. - First of all, this motherboard is listed as fully working on the wiki compatibility list. We're supposed to get our hands on Jas 10.4.8 reseed... just there's some confussion about wich iso is the so called "reseed" so it will be really appreciated that someone to post here the md5 of the "official" reseed. - I guess that "official" reseed needs to be patched in order to even boot... there's a patch out there for the dvd to boot on this motherboard and some other, just ask the demon about "jmicron patch". I did but didnt suceed, i think because i dont even know wich md5 i have to look for before applying the patch (makes any sense that i asked here for the md5 of the working iso? the guy who made the patch didnt even mentioned...) - Once you get it to work -meaning just boot the installer- you're supposed to patch some things so that ide hard drives are recognised... and i still have no idea on what are you supposed to patch, i hope that anyone can help on this too... can install to s-ata too but id like to use ide drives instead... then ill be a little happier! Its weird that motherboard was listed on the wiki as "working" since it feels kinda hard getting it to work. I just made my decission on buying it after reading and trusting this information... Any help really appreciated, thanks in advance.
  10. yeah maybe, but if we can manage to rip off an EXACT image with same md5 we dont have to get the whole load again, besides its no longer available for downloading on the demon... we can get it off any other places but we dont really know if its going to work just because we dont know wich exact iso do we need... md5 will clear some things out, so i hope anyone to be so kind of posting here...
  11. i got the patch from the demon site, but i tried a few times to rip off the dvd back to iso/nrg/bin/whatever then patch it and it didnt work. Im not pretty sure of my dvd being the so called reseed at all... can anyone post here the checksum of the working iso before/after patching please? it would be a great help since i couldnt no longer find the iso where i got it from. Thanx a lot.
  12. USB Problems

    yeah you might need specific INTEL drivers for your usb soundcard. I have my m-audio fast track pro running with drivers for intel macs and it works great, all features working just like native. You can get the usb workint by disabling usb legacy support within bius setup of your mainboard, but for me the usb keyboard and mouse stopped working in windows so i had to turn it back on. Hope this to help in any way...
  13. USB Problems

    any suggestion please??
  14. USB Problems

    USB are working fine except for this, my hardware usb devices (soundcard/pendrive) need to be plugged and powered on before the system to boot so they're recognized and working. Whenever i boot before pluggin/power on them they're not even seen... does everybody happen the same or am i the only one? EDIT***I have disabled usb legacy on mainboard setup and now the usb are working right within osx, but usb keyboard & mouse stopped working within xp so i had to re-enable legacy support.... any chance of getting both os to work?

    Once again... the solution is in this forum but nobody points to it, so ill have to read the whole forum to find it... wich is exactly "the right direction", please??? I found out myself how to use the crack before getting to this forum, and i just came here to find out how to enable pro plugins, all i have readed here is that you have to rename them, but, rename to what? place where? please DETAILS!!! even using the "lame useless trick" i can keep both instalations running, isnt it?