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  1. JAS 10.4.6 update, discuss about it

    my atheros based wifi card also does not work in 10.4.6 (it worked in 10.4.5)
  2. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    Progress looks good, looking forward to seeing more....
  3. I think I need a bootloader...

    make sure the partition that osx is installed is flagged as 'bootable'. use a partition utility like fdisk that comes on linux distros to set it
  4. the power bundle hack lets allows battery/time remaining functionality to work (albiet limited) still haven't had any luck getting sleep/etc to work w/ 10.4.5. you're saying those functions worked w/ 10.4.1? what about 10.4.3?
  5. where can i find more info about this framebuffer? i searched and only found one other mention of it in the mobility 9700 thread, but there's no information thanks
  6. hmmm. i wonder if thats a tunable setting tho. i.e changing the 96mb to the actual, 32mb. from there the display layer should act accordingly no? -a
  7. hmm that's an idea (needing QE in order to make sleep work). i have a radeon 7500 and QE isn't enabled. when i select sleep, the laptop seems like it doing *something* (drives spin down, etc) but the display doesnt blank. could be a theory ill try getting QE to work with the radeon (i believe there are some hacks). then see about sleep again thanks for the suggestion
  8. so any ideas on how to get sleep working? is anyone on here successfully using sleep on their system?
  9. ya. im not seeing any replies on this topic. i hvae the kexts' from 10.4.1 and 10.4.3, but i'm afraid to play with it seeing how some members have reported problems as a result please let me know if there's any progress on sleep w/ pc hardware.
  10. hmmm. good to know. i dont really feel like breaking my install. more details please?
  11. whats ymmv? do i only need to copy over the kext and reboot? are there any other steps?
  12. hi all i'm running 10.4.5 on a thinkpad t40 laptop with great success (thanks all!). Wifi works (Atheros) and with the addition of the PowerBundle hack, the battery icon displace the % charge remaining correctly. the one limiting factor for me in using this system as my 24/7 workstation is the inability to sleep the laptop. selecting sleep does nothing, and occasionaly, even when sleep isnt selected, OSX will popup a warning message saying "A USB device is using too much power", even when no USB devices are connected.. This message occurs when the laptop has been sitting idle for some time and I suspect its related to the power management utilities. does anyone know if there are any hacked/patched methods to successfully enable sleep on non-mac hardware? what about power management ? (speedstep, lcd brightness, etc so that battery life is conserved when not plugged in). please let me know. i'd really love to use this system as my main computer until the revision 2 macbook pro's are released thanks