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  1. XxX_x86_10.5.5_Install_Disc_Rev1

    Hej, thanks for your job, but do this stuff bei RAPIDSHARE!, 16MB and TORRENT-SHEET!,??? , i am staing by 84% and happends nothing, Kozel, Mach deine Scheisse Selbst!!! you can this file by rapidshare or f##k dir!!
  2. Wow Wow, finally it works. Super, thanks! I boot and install Mac OS X Server 10.5 Retail! Vmware WS 6.5 build 118166 under Vista X64. Let´s do some updates, if it works, i post later!
  3. Snow Leopard Separately, developers are reporting on the web that they've been provided with the first test releases of Snow Leopard since June's Worldwide Developers Conference. The downloadable software is said to weigh is at nearly 7GB in size and carry build number is 10A190. The release is expected to incorporate enhancements noted earlier this month, such as a Finder completely re-written in Cocoa, the beginnings of Microsoft Exchange integration, and a new ImageBoot function.
  4. I dont know about RAM limitation, but you can use 8GB RAM, i think no Problem!
  5. Hi to all. I successful load and install LawlessPPC 10.5.4 using VMWare 6.5 (build-118166) on my PC (GA-X48-DS5 (Intel Chipset), Intel Quad Q9300 (SSE3, SSSE3), ATI X1900XT 512MB). And it works pretty quickly! So what i did! I create VMWare-Image using VMWare Fusion2, and mount it on VMWare 6.5 using Vista X64 U. The VMWare Image can be downloaded hier (6.3MB). (just open it with VMWare 6.5, put the "LawlessPPC 10.5.4" in DVD-Drive and click PLAY!) I install it without any patches, but you can try.....! If you have problem with "still waiting for root device", try to boot it with Bootloader (first mount "slimbuild.iso" and then "Your Hackintosh DVD"! "slimbuild.iso" (40.22 MB) it can be downloaded hier vmwaretools - ? Keyboard/Mouse - working! LAN - working! Sound - ? need to test Graphics - working (NO QE/CI) Post your experience!
  6. i tried to boot Snow Leopard followed by this Instructions: Unsuccessfull! I get CPU Panic! -------------- GA-X48-DS5 Intel Quad Q9300
  7. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    How about ATI X1900XT 512mb????
  8. монтирование

    Smotri "Post #6"
  9. монтирование

    ePox EP-MF4-J3 =>Link zdes´ napisano Nforce4! Medevils NforceTest Driver + Kext-Helper b7 => Download 1- raspakovat´ 2- startuem "Kext Helper"=>tjanem "AppleNForceATA.kext" v okoshko "Kext Helper" 3- daem password=>najimaem na "easy install"=>peregruzka! 4- F8 5- "-v -f " (bez kovi4ek") => Enter Good LUCK
  10. монтирование

    V prinzipe vozmojno, no gemoroj! 4to kasaetsja sborki leo4all 10.5.4, novie, propat4ennie Drivera + obnovlenie, bolshoj spekrum podderjki jeleza i.t.dalee! Smotri na Foto! No samoe glavnoe, tebe nujni nujnie Drivera dlja "Nforce-Chipseta" i Problema re{censored}sja!
  11. монтирование

    Eto Chipset (Southbridge), t.e. nujnij Driver ne vstaet ili otsustvuet! Pri vozmojnosti pereklu4it ´ v biose "SATA" na "AHCI"!!! eslit net, to=> ka4aesh Leo4all 10.5.4 amd/intel (najdesh na windowzru), v distributive est´ novie, stabilnie Drivera dlja nforce chipseta! ne zabud pri ustanovke najat´ na "Customize" i vibrat´ tolko nujnoe dlja ustanovki!!! Dumau razbereshsja! Esli net, to jdem novogo distributiva 4itat´ zdes´, V konze Oktjabrja budet!
  12. MacOs & Asus P5KPL-E

    U tebja CPU (quad) kak ja viju, eto uje horosho! Nazvanie=> Chipset i Video Adapter??? A voobsche vot etot distributiv doljen vstat´=>"LawlessPPC-Leo-10.5.4-Phenom&AMD", on u menja daje na VMWARE vstaet!