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  1. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Hi folks, I see that many people are having problems with their graphic cards.. My advice: stop trying to install correctly your GC without making a fresh install! With a fresh install it's much easier to get everything to work nice than replacing kexts running patches, etc.. Proceed like this, and you won't loose your head trying and trying again to get it working: 1st: Use iAtkos v7 distro of Leopard - Google it, download, burn at low rate; 2nd: Selected the following packages: -Chameleon 2 -DSDT patch -Apple Decrypt -Disabler -nVidia GT200 package -For Sound I recomend - Voodoo HDA -Any other packages depend on the hardware you're running Leopard 3rd:Install, Boot, fill the {censored} on the welcome screen. 4th:Run the XDarwin_Nvidia_Installer_V_1.1_OSX.mpkg (uploaded in previous post), Selecting Nvidia 9 series and EFI 5th:Reboot and DONE! It should be Working perfectly! The graphic card is detected as if is was a GeForce 9800GX2 but with some kext editing you can easily change it to the GC real name! How to? What to edit? It's the /System/Library/Extensions/Nvinject.kext you need to edit, copy it to your desktop. Open the one you copied to the Desktop and do a secondary click, select show package contents, open the folder Contents, use TextEdit o edit the file named after Info.plist . Search the line that has the name that your graphics card is named (9800GX2) and write the correct name of yours (G 105M). Save and close what you've opened, use Kext Utility 2.0 (upload in previous post) to replace to install the kext you've edited (on the Desktop) and boot with -f flag. DONE! Now, you can update to 10.5.8 or you'll have black screen after booting and a handful of problems if you try to put it to work, so to avoid the update do this: -Go to: /System/Library/CoreServices; -Look for the file: SystemVersion.plist -Copy it to your desktop -With TextEdit, change the version written there (10.5.7), to the desired one (10.5.8 or wtv) And your DONE! I think I explained everything clearly, but if you have any other question, I'll try to help! Take care!
  2. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Hey, what about reading the whole topic? I already uploaded that file and wrote about putting the G 105M on 10.5.8 And for the other question, the G 105M isn't suported natively, chameleon 2 does the hard work for you and ejects all the info you need and makes use of the kexts already present in OS X. If you can't always boot, ty to boot with -v and try to see if there's anything wrong, if you don't understand that musch, take a picture of it and I may try to find out what's wrong with you laptop!
  3. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    @Mac_F To use that flag in com.apple.boot.plist you have to have Chameleon 2 as your bootloader, otherwise it won't work. So there's been some trouble around I see.. (I wonder why I'm not getting any email everytime we have activity here...) If you read the whole topic you may find the solution. So my advice to all you that use NVIDIA (and some ATI) graphics card ( if you're trying to get SL on your lappies) is for you to install the bootloader Chameleon 2 because it will save you all the time you would spend trying to get your graphics card running smoothly. After installing the boot loader, don't forget to add this code: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> to your com.apple.boot.plist . Use EFIStudio to edit your com.apple.boot.plist to make everything easier! This was how I got mine working really fine, I'm on 10.6.2 and I don't have any issues with my graphics card.
  4. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Glad my research is helping out!
  5. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    I completly agree with seaghost!
  6. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    @Seaghost I think I finally could really manage to get my laptop to get along with 10.6(.1), but I had some trouble at first.. I tried that code: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>y</string>; and though I got my graphic card working (VGA port is working now, but still don't know about the HDMI port, I haven't had the time for that) In system profiler it says nothing about QE it doesn't show that's supported neither that isn't supported... But I won't worry about that for now... Later when I install Adobe Master Suite and iLife 09'. --------------- I managed to get my Wireless card working, just picked the kext I used in 10.5.8 and used Kext Helper to install it and done! The power management issue was solved too, but it has a little issue it doesn't recognizes charger pluged or not pluged, I'll try to download a better power management(as the one I used was the VoodooPowerManagement.kext from iAtkos v7) and report later. I now do get the right info in the <about this mac>, used OSX86Tools to automatically get my CPU info.
  7. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    So, Today I finally managed to get SL into my Laptop, it really gave me a headache... I tried to follow this tutorial but, installing the OS X over an existing OS X (10.5.8) and It resulted In a kernel panic everytime I tried to boot after the instalation... Tryed to format the partition where I had OS X installed and do a fresh install of SL didn't work either, kernel panic again... I tryed to boot with these flags: -v; -f; -x86; -v -x86; -f -x86; but didn't change a thing, the kernel panic just contiuem to come boot after boot, so I wiped out all my partion table (that was GUID) and done a new one just with two partitions (previously there was 3 but, now there are just 2, GUID partition table too) and it went as previously, aparently smooth (it always came with an error at the end saying that it couldn't bless the hard drive and set it as boot drive but that's not a problem it's just because we don't have a boot loader), after all that runned the boot loader that was in my Pen, booted my SL partition and this time it went just PERFECT, no problem at all, and even the sound was working(!), after going to the Welcome screen I started to realise what was good and what wasn't... My graphics card isn't working correctly, but I haven't tried my HDMI port neither my VGA port. In Sytem profiler I have: [b]Display:[/b] Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 32MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x06ec Revision ID: 0x00a1 Displays: [b]Display:[/b] Resolution: 1024x768 Pixel Depth: 32-bit Color (ARG8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes My Ethernet is working just fine, but my wireless isn't. Now I can use USB Legacy Suport enabled (in BIOS) without having the OS X frozen when trying to boot or having kernel panics. Another issue is the Power Management, as it isn't showing information about the batery. Apart from these issues I didn't find any other! Now I will install a boot loader, and try what Seaghost posted about having the G 105M working fully with QE/CL~!
  8. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    @Seaghost I would like to help ya but I didn't have any contact with SL, but I'm now making my way to it, as soon as I get it, and with all working I'll report to everyone as soon as I can!
  9. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    I'm really happy that someone make the effort o get this graphic card card work under SL! @Lazetime You really saved me some time of research and testing! You'll juast have to search for a way of updating my 10.5.8 to 10.6.0 without having to loose any thing!
  10. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    No, didn't get any solution, but, for now I have now stopped with the testings... Though it really improves the speed of your Hackintosh, I haven't tried it (yet). I don't know if there was already released a Upgrade version because I haven't searched it yet, I hope someone tries it before me because at this time I don't have my external HD, so I can't backup all my things and install everything to try to get it working...
  11. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Here it is! Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg.zip
  12. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    As I investigated before, (at least for me) NVenabler didn't work out for me, it just enabled my graphic card but it wouldn't detect all my VRAM, QE wasn't supported, couldn't change resolution..
  13. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Really? I didn't got any problem with this, I just run everything smoothly, I tried doing tests with the OpenGl and it got good results even when putting it to the max. I recently discovered that I cannot use my VGA port.. If I connect my 22" Display it won't turn on, just stays in power saving mode, then if I go to the system preferences/Displays and Click 'Detect Displays' my laptop display goes black, the 22" display turns on but just stays black too.. HDMI port is working perfectly, tried with my Sony Bravia, had no problem using those two methods you can use, the desktop extender and that one that duplicates your screen.
  14. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Congratulations! Again, very happy to know that my testing could help!
  15. NVIDIA GEFORCE G 105M Support

    Do you remeber what packages did you use when installing iAtkos v7 (?), that would help too.. I think maybe can be your SMBIOS... but I really don't know well.. I say that because depending on your SMBIOS installed the information in system profiler may differ. I'll upload some pics for to see what should your laptop look after following what I've wrote. System_profiler.tiff about_this_mac.tiff