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  1. P5Q séries & 10.6 (MAJ 23/07/10)

    Je serais très intéressé par ce tuto j'ai une p5q3 deluxe et un lion en boite Es tu en dual boot? Merci
  2. Greetings, Somebody knows if the psystar solution works on our dell laptops? http://store.psystar.com/rebel_efi Thanks,
  3. Wow thanks a lot Superhai. I just bought Snow Leopard Is it possible to dual boot with windows 7 with the chameleon ?
  4. Hey talisman, How to deactivate / modify your deep sleep? I saw some code some in the past post stating the following code: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 but where I change that number to get my sleep working as I want? In the INFO.plist ? What does the GenericCPUPowerManagement exactly ? Thanks guys, your doing such a great work to help us! We recommend NVINJECT.
  5. Reinstall with nvidia drivers.. and it will works.. but I was not able ton install Office under Ideneb. Now I'm using Iatkos 4i.
  6. Thanks guys !! my sleep is now working fine But my track pad doesn't work properly after a sleep.. then tapping isn't working.
  7. For the soud card try Chrysaor's ! The best sound drivers so far for m1530 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=929044 By the way thanks a lot Crysaor's
  8. Sonotone GRACE À TOI ! Gros merci ! I finally be able to upgrade to 10.5.5 without any panic kernel.. and my hackintosh work better than ever !! except that I lost my sleep after the update.. but I don't really care about sleep now... Keep the good work my friend .. ! If you need any help please let us know ! We really appreciate what you done for the OsX community !
  9. Scuse me Great Deceiver, Are you dual booting on a GUID partition ? Because is the only way to get the EFI working properly on mac and I would like to know how you made it. Thanks a lot.
  10. Here you go http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=900360
  11. I had a similar problem, my webcam doesn't work anymore then my usb seems very slow after this kext installation. But I think there a fix on the macgirl post. Let us know if you find a fix.
  12. Thanks again !! I will try tonight and report if I still have kernel Panic. Also Sonotone should you'll be able to include the FFSCROLL in the system management instead of installing manually ? Another thing, none of your Audio sigmatel kext work on my 1530.. I had to use the applehda patcher and a linux dump to get it working. Any sugestions ? No during the install ensure that these options have been checked (selected) in the customize windows.
  13. You should try Iatkos 4i with the following options. Stock files (checked) Then Sata under system. Or try to reburn your disk but a bit slower without any application running at the same time. Let us know !
  14. Great !!! I will try it As soon as I come back at home ! But I still have kernel panic when I try to update from 10.5.4 to 10.5.5 using iatkos 4i. Also should you please explain what exactly does you new kext for mac system update ? Thanks for your great work Sonotone !
  15. Hey Nitro, What was your problem during the update ?.. because I also tried like 5 times to make the update but without any success... I had a kernel panic each time.. Using a fresh iatkos install. Which options you had selected during iatkos installation ? Then should you be able to tell us where you found your Apple Leo Graphics update? Are you running under dual boot using GPT Table? Wingrun, I hope that you find a solution for your laptop.. we don't want to lose you from the osXscene... We greatly appreciate your help ! Did you tried EHCI usb fix? Its the only way that I can get my laptop go to sleep.. but my webcam doesn't work anymore then my trackpad tapping doesn't work after a sleep.