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  1. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    Ah, sorry, didn't read your message properly. That will teach me to reply when I just got out of bed! If anybody wants the DSL, just give me a shout.
  2. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    My DSDT is attached to the message above, you should be able to download it?
  3. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    Posting this here in case it's of any use to anybody... It's a DSDT for my 1720, based upon the one posted previously on here. It fixes a number of things: Working HPET (All 4 required interrupts being assigned correctly) Apple Intel Power management works out the box Fully working USB, every boot (Rather than randomly), all ports at full speed Audio patched - deleted AZAL and added HDEF. Sleep now works correctly - doesn't wake up straight away. Hard coded P-States with multipliers right from x3 to x12.5, all undervolted. Runs very cool and quiet. Probably other fixes gleaned from this site, I can't remember right now! Andy. DSDTajf.aml.zip
  4. Hi, I have a Dell inspiron 1720 with inbuilt 8600M GT. Running Vanilla SL 10.6.2, using Superhai's boot CD. Graphics via 'graphics enabler' in Chameleon. Although my grpahics work kind of ok - QE/CI are working as i have transparent menu bar/screensavers/iLife etc, my graphics performance is terrible. Attached is a screenshot from GL Extensions viewer... Every score is stuck spot on 40, which seems odd to me, like there is some bottleneck issue somewhere outside the card. Anybody got any ideas what might be wrong? Andy.
  5. Just thought I'd post this here as it helped me and my Inspiron 1720 massively http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=206313 Struggled for ages trying ot get usb to work reliably at boot, and it only did about 1 in 20 times. Tried all the suggested solutions - deleting interrupt assignments for other devices in the DSDT etc and nothing worked. The above post solved it for me - you actually need to add extra interrupt assignments for the HPET device, to stop it stealing the interrupts that the usb devices need. Andy.
  6. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Yep, same here. I'm on 10.6.2 on an Inspiron 1720/8600M GT. Wish I could help.
  7. Many thanks from here too. Had exactly the same problem and been wrestling with DSDT editing for about 2 months now! Problem strangely seemed to get worse too, until until it was almost impossible to get a clean boot. Dell Inspiron 1720 here, but guess architecture is similar - C2D CPU, ICH chipset etc. Ironic that all the guides tell you to remove interrupt declarations from the DSDT, where as what it actually needs is a couple of extra ones added. Andy
  8. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    I've pretty much sorted out my DSDT so that I have the correct P-States for my T9300, and vanilla speedstep works fine right down to a CPU of 600Mhz or so, if I tell it that it's a MBP5,1 in the Smbios. I'm also undervolting slightly, which helps keep things cooler. If anybody is interested I'll post it up here.
  9. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    Thanks for that, it's almost made my 1720 complete. Have a T9300 CPU, but apart from that all else matches. sleep works now, which is great. All I need now is the DSDT to match my CPU so that Speedstep works properly.
  10. I have a working Snow Leopard install on my Inspiron 1720 using Superhai's Dell Boot CD V5. Currently, it boots and runs from hard drive, and I enabled this by installing Chameleon and copying the preboot.dmg into /Extra on the boot drive. I'd really like to ditch the Ready made Preboot.dmg and just have a bunch of kexts in /Extra/extensions, however, whenever I try to get this working I end up with the boot appearing to go OK, but just at the point when the screen should turn blue and the desktop appear, it turns completely white, and stays that way. Anybody got any idea what's up, or if this is actually possible? There seem to be an awful lot of people running SL, and relying on a usb stick to actually do the booting, is this related? Thanks. Andy.
  11. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    The search on this forum has always been broken. Try google to search it instead... insanelymac nc10 mirror
  12. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    If you had read back through this thread you would have found the answers.... Both have been asked a number of times before... Have you selected the new keyboard layout that you installed via 'International' in 'System Prefs'? In fact, the keyboard question is answered in THE VERY FIRST POST IN THIS THREAD!
  13. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi Mysticus, Was just wondering how you are getting on with the touchscreen, and whether you still think it's a worthwhile addition? Andy.
  14. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I had problems too, and in the end came to the conclusion that the screwdriver wasn't quite the right size. Tried a different one that that looked nearly identical and it came straight out.
  15. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Beware with 'shades'... it isn't actually altering the value of the backlight, it's just changing the colour palette of the display I believe, so by lowering the brightness you won't actually prolong the battery life. The backlight is a big factor in how quickly your battery runs down - Backlight on full can easily knock a couple of hours off the battery life i think.