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  1. Hey all, I've got an Inspiron 1720 with everything working except for restart & shutdown. Anyone got restart & shutdown working with QE/CI enabled? Thanks
  2. What does the VoodooPower kext do? I can't find version 1.3 can you post it? Thanks!
  3. You definitely don't want to use the OSinstall.mpkg method, that is by far outdated. Hop over to Blackosx guide and follow with the boot cd, or make your own with the bootcd maker. His board is similar enough to ours that everything works fine. I'm not familiar with installing on MBR since I followed Blackosx guide which uses GUID & 2 separate partitions. This really is the best method to date as it keeps the Snow Leopard install completely Vanilla which is what you need in order to use Software update. If you go replacing files in S/L/E then you risk getting a KP after a software update or a hosed system where you cannot figure out what went wrong and or which kext is not compatible. Hope this helps.
  4. Blackosx, I've looked at the few sites that some users refer to for P & C-States but it's kinda Greek to me... Any chance you've run across a noob step by step guide for adding these to the dsdt? Thanks!
  5. *** FIX *** FakeSMC: key info not found ... If you have this error message in your Kernel.log here's how to fix it. Open "show package contents" FakeSMC.kext & edit the info.plist by adding these keys; </data> <key>MSDS</key> <data> AA== </data> <key>BEMB</key> <data> AA== </data> <key>CLWK</key> <data> AA== </data> Viola!
  6. No, unfortunately he didn't have a solution for the Nvidia driver issue. He asked that I leave word with Netkas who was more actively involved with Laptop installs. So hopefully Netkas will be our guiding light.
  7. Broadcom 440x Ethernet under Snow Leopard

    I used kexthelper and installed this BCM kext in my S/L/E. Everything else is vanilla 10.6.2 AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext.zip
  8. No worries... Can I pick your brain? It would appear that the vanilla OS X Nvidia driver/kext breaks sleep, shutdown & restart for the laptops. I have tried EFI strings, DSDT patching, injector kexts and most recently graphics enabler =y. Once the card is fully recognized & OS X loads the Nvidia kext, we no longer have sleep, shutdown or restart. Any chance you have an idea on a work around or do you have an "in" with someone who can create a special Nvidia Laptop kext to fix the issue? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Dell Inspiron 1720 Vanilla 10.6.2

    You have to use EvoEnabler.kext to trick card into using ATI driver which isn't ideal but it gets you decent graphics. It's the NVidia OS X driver that is causing the problem. So in a nuttshell, Nvidia driver breaks Sleep, Shutdown & Restart. Hope this helps. EVOenabler.kext.zip
  10. Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    It's the OS X Nvidia driver that is causing our sleep, shutdown & restart to fail. I have nailed it down to this. If I boot the system with it's generic graphic driver then sleep, shutdown & restart work. Even if I use an ATI driver for my Nvidia 8600M GT I can get these three to work. Anyone on the forum have kext building knowledge that could either edit the vanilla Nvidia 8xxx kext or compile an Nvidia fix kext, you'd have hundreds of adorning laptop fans!!!
  11. So the Chameleon developers nor the PC EFI folks have accomplished Graphics Enabled=Yes AND sleep, shutdown & restart? Can someone with kext knowledge fix this for us? Is it a dsdt patch that we need or a new kext? I just need Sleep, Shutdown & Restart and I've got everything working 100%!!! Dell Inspiron 1720 8600M GT 256mb 10.6.1 PC EFI V10.5 PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  12. pauℓzurrr, Do you know how the kernel achieves sleep, shutdown & restart? Is it blocking specific kexts to enable this? I would like to pinpoint how it's doing this, because once I enable graphics, I no longer have sleep, shutdown or restart. If I could better understand what the kernel is doing to enable sleep, shutdown & restart then perhaps I can better pinpoint why graphics breaks it. Thanks
  13. Well I'm 100% positive it's the OS X Nvidia driver/kext causing sleep, shutdown & restart to not work. I'm currently trying to search for a resolution for this. I've sent a PM to MasterChief who is a DSDT GOD!!! Maybe there's something that can be added or removed from the DSDT to make it all work in unison. Let me know if anyone else finds a solution to this. Once I get this tackled, then the Dell 1720 laptop will be 100% working.