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  1. You're right. I got the kexts from timemachine, and Attansic is working. One more thing, can I update this system (via software update?)
  2. rad2905

    Lion Install - No HDD

    Me too. I got Lion up and running on P5K thanx to your kext! Thank you!
  3. Hi MaLd0n, I have a problem that I don't know how to resolve. I have Asus P5K, with Nvidia 8600GT 256MB. I used your autopatcher, installed lion as per your instructions, put DSDT.aml where it should be, Extra folders, Chameleon etc... everything got installed just fine. (I only replaced IOATAFamily.kext on USB to make the installer recognize my HDD.) Everything went just fine, it boots of HDD etc. Now, the problem is that I have no sound, no network and no graphic. I tried to use EFI Studio, but it didn't work. Than I used HEX value from EFI Studio and injected it via Chameleon. So I got graphic working. Now, I can't get my network (Attansic L1) to work because neither kext utility.app nor Kext Wizard.app can install ANY of the kexts right. How can it be? I tried with audio kexts, network kexts... Why can't I get anything installed? I repair permissions every time I use any of the utilities and kexts, so I guess that should be fine. I am certain that I'm using 64bit kexts and audio kexts are working. Any idea what might be wrong? Maybe I'm using wrong applications for kext installation. Can you tell me which one I should use? Thank you in advance! Edit: Here is what happens when I try to load new kext - to install it, that is. This one is for my network adapter that I bought back in the days when there was no driver (kext) for attansic network adapter. Also, my DSDT.aml file created by autopatcher. dsdt.zip
  4. I used iAtkos S3 v.2 disc with 10.6.3. Updated to 10.6.8 easily. You can google it or try at piratebay. I selected only AHCI for the motherboard, PS2 and battery kext from the drivers section, and than applied the DSDT solution plus all other stuff stated here. It does work... p.s. it can also work just fine without dsdt from here, but you need to check graphic enabler on bootloader options and install voodoo drivers, and stuff. It took me 3 times but I got it right. I also got that usb could not halt blablabla... I gave up, reinstalled win... That error gave me dead USB ports sometimes, which makes me really upset. Plus, the laptop is getting really hot. I don't like that either. Plus, shutdown error... Plus, it sometimes boots, sometimes doesn't... that's all small stuff, but it gets annoying, and I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, when it does boot, everything works awesome, better than windows in so many ways. But, I prefer stuff working as they should, you know, with function keys, and a camera that's not upside down, and sleep function, and trackpad that can do gestures, and a resolution that's not crappy, and... Sorry, but I just don't have the knowledge to make it work and the laptop as it is, it's just not it. I have a desktop that I completely turned into a mac-hac (with keyboard, mouse and stuff) and it works like a charm. I'll stick with that until I get enough money to buy a real mac. Too bad they're so expensive. Hope you can...
  5. rad2905

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I did that already, and sent you the send_me.zip file. You said to reboot with DSDT and to send you a log (see previous post). What I meant to say, there's no change whether I place the DSDT to extra folder or not... Here it is again... log.rtf send_me.zip
  6. rad2905

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi, it's me again. I used your DSDT and placed it in EXTRA folder, restarted, and nothing happened, than I placed it on root of Macintosh HD, restarted, and nothing happened... When I say nothing happened, I mean, no changes in VGA funcionality (GT 320M), no airport (wireless), no LAN, no sound devices (ALC269), system still hangs when I shut it down - LED and fans are still on... Am I using DSDT in a wrong way? What should I do with it? I thought just to place it in a EXTRA directory, or on the root would be enough? Thankx... log.rtf
  7. rad2905

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I hope that your invitation to send you files with send_me.zip is still on. Here is mine, from Asus K50ID, dual core T4400, nVidia GeForce GT320M etc etc... Hope you can do some trick with it Thank you... Milan send_me.zip
  8. Hi KS, I've a problem with your DSDT.aml... I'm not a beginner in this, however, I never bothered to hassle with DSDT before. I used iATKOS distro for my desktop and it worked ok. Now, I wanted to do the same with my ASUS K50ID laptop, but the distro itself just don't cut it. I downloaded the attached DSDT.aml you've posted, and as per instructions I've found on other sites, I simply placed it to my root (Macintosh HD) - boot partition of my HDD, but the comp wouldn't boot any more. I had to remove DSDT.aml in order to boot it at all. I have ASUS K50ID , with T4400 processor, 4GB RAM and 1GB cuda GT320M graphic card. I believe that it fits the description of what's a "similar or the same device" What am I doing wrong? How should I use your DSDT.aml? Thank you in advance, Milan Edit: Nevermind, I placed it in Extra and it works Thanks! Edit II: I started celebrating too soon. I installed network drivers, tried to update and it crashed (stuck) again... Too bad. I guess I'm out of ideas. If you don't have any ideas, I'll go back to that distro and it's enablers... Edit III: Just one more question... you mention that the solution here works for k17 bios, but also placed k18 bios that is actually unlocked bios. If I flash to k18 bios, is the solution still valid? Edit IV: I re-installed the 10.6.3 and upgraded it to 10.6.7, applied the DSDT and other stuff you posted (apart from HDMI since I don't use it and don't need it) and everything works like a charm, it even displays my memory correctly (DDR3 1066MHz). Just sweet! Thank you so much! If it just would be possible to get the shutdown to work... Awesome package you've got here! Thank you again! Edit V: I just read what I wrote. Boy, I was annoying, wasn't I? Peace...
  9. rad2905

    ASUS K50ID DSDT Fixed!

    Hi, Cesar Thank you for all of your good advice! Anyway... I did all that, bud didn't see any improvements. What is DSDT supposed to do? :S Tried the trackpad kext, but no luck. Still not working. I have another question; when you go to "about this mac" the memory is displayed correctly, but the speed and type is 800MHz, DDR2 instead of 1033MHz DDR3. BIOS is so lame, there's no tweaking available, and I have a feeling that this laptop can be much faster than it is. Do you know maybe how to fix this? Thanks, regards, happy New Year, bye Milan
  10. rad2905

    ASUS K50ID DSDT Fixed!

    Thank you so much, I'm trying the kext right now. One more thing I have to ask you, have you tried the camera? When it starts, the image is upside down Is it the same with your laptop? I don't really care, I don't use the camera, but it would be nice to get it working the right way. And, what about the DSDT from this post? Have you applied it? (used it)? If yes, how is that done? Thanx again! All the best, Milan
  11. rad2905

    ASUS K50ID DSDT Fixed!

    Hi Cesar, I selected ApplePS2 during the install, however, no trackpad activity. I will try to install it again via kextutility, but I'm rather skeptic. Thank you for your quick reply. Cheers One more thing, what distro did you use? I used iAtkos S3 v2 If you can remember, maybe you can post what selections did you choose, other than the default ones... Thanks again.
  12. rad2905

    ASUS K50ID DSDT Fixed!

    Hi all I got Asus K50ID as well, and got everything working, but the sound and the trackpad. Now, I hope to get the sound working, but still, I need some info on how did you (if you did) get the trackpad to work? I know it can be done, since it works during setup process. Also, the image in cam is upside down. Can it be fixed? If that gets resolved, I'd have a perfect hack-book Thank you in advance. McMillan
  13. rad2905

    P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    Anybody knows if the front panel mic will work with new voodoo?
  14. Mac OS is too weird. Every time I install it, regardless of the same options I choose, it behaves differently. The last time I installed it, after 10.5.8 update the time machine didn't work. I run the EFI studio, added the network interface and everything was okay. This time, though, after adding a network interface via EFI tool, I lost video kext, and if I added both, I got video, but time machine wouldn't work. So, I deleted the network interfaces preference list, restarted, inserted both my graphic adapter and network interface at once with EFI tool, restarted again, and, voila! Now it works... However, I must say that, in my case, backup made no difference whatsoever. I tried to install Snow, failed, and thought, well, no matter, I'll just go back and restore the backup. (I've done it successfully the last time). But, after my poor attempt to install Snow, I erased the iMac partition, run the boot DVD, did the restore process and restored the boot loader. And, I couldn't boot back... It kept restarting the computer. Something was wrong, but I don't know why. The question rises, if the backup is created, but it appears to be useless, what's the point of creating it? Anybody has any ideas what might went wrong? I feel more confident in having a backup, but I'd like to be sure that I can eventually use it...
  15. Try this: - Download EFIStudio if you don't have it: GFXUtil News & Announcements - Launch EFIStudio; in the "Device" area, click on the field were it says "Display" and change it to "Ethernet" - Click on "Add Device" button below and in the new Editor window click on the "Write to com.apple.Boot.plist" button - Enter you password, close the program and reboot