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  1. Exactly. I posted my mod to pm_mickey's DSDT with the graphics and firewire sections removed a few pages back. That should work with the other files he posted.
  2. pm_mickey - Thanks for clearing this up for me. I'm really new to DSDT editing. I read as much as I can, but really rely on guys like you who know what you are doing. So, are you saying that the firewire should work correctly with your DSDT if I put my computer to sleep and then wake it up? Thanks again!
  3. @pm_mickey: Took another look at your DSDT. Looks like you have i7 specific processor info. I thought about trying to change it using tonymacs's DSDT mod info, but your code looks a bit different - for example, you use P00, P01, etc instead of CPU0, CPU1, etc. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Or, if you could provide an i5 specific DSDT, that would be even better. Either way, thank you very much!
  4. OK, I tried pm_mickey's DSDT - actually used the EFI files he posted. Firewire still would not work as it should. If I turned on the firewire drive or connected a video camera after booting, they would not work. After taking the firewire section out of his DSDT, firewire works as it should. I'm not sure why there is a difference, but firewire works great without the info in the DSDT. I'll post the working DSDT in a bit. I also removed the graphics section of the DSDT because I do not have a 8800 gt. I have a 9500 gt, so I just use the chameleon graphics injection. Thanks pm_mickey for the files. Wonderful work! OK, Here is pm_mickey's DSDT that I modified to remove firewire and graphics. Using this, my firewire works as it should. BTW, I'm booting using the same files that pm_mickey posted above (pg. 67 I think). I did change a few things in the smbios.plist to match my system and added graphics enabler in com.apple.boot.plist. I have a question for pm_mickey: is your DSDT specific to the i7 CPU, if so, could you make it specific for the i5. Thanks! Wonderful work everyone! I love my hack! DSDT.aml.zip
  5. Sorry, I've been off for a few days for the Christmas holiday. Yes, I can boot without a DSDT and the system works well... as in stable, but no audio or sleep. With the DSDT from Tony's site (which may have been provided by pm_mickey - if so thanks! Your code is very clean compared to the original, but firewire does not work correctly. ) Since everything works great except firewire, I'm going to try removing the firewire section to see if firewire works OK without that info in the DSDT. I'll also try his files listed in previous posts. I should have time later this week.
  6. Hi, I noticed that you have the same motherboard as myself, although I have a different processor. I was wondering if you used the DSDT from tony's site and if you were having any problems with your firewire? Using the DSDT from tony's site, I have no stability problems, but the onboard firewire will not work unless the firewire device is turned on and connected at boot. If I use no DSDT or a 'vanilla' DSDT, firewire works as it should. I like the improvements in the modified DSDT, but would like my firewire to work correctly. If you have any insight into this problem, your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks you!
  7. Tony, Here is the unedited DSDT that I compiled. It doesn't have a HUB0 entry. The HUB entries all appear to relate to the usb bus. If anyone can look at this and tell me what I code I might need to get a fully working firewire, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! BTW, the DSDT appears to be quite different than the one I got from your site... and much longer! dsdt.aml.zip
  8. tony, I am on the latest bios and the firewire port is the one on the motherboard (on the back panel with the usb and ps2 ports). I'll check against a vanilla dump of the DSDT as part of my testing. Do you know where the firewire information would be in the DSDT? (what 'device' or process??) Thanks!
  9. Well, I haven't heard from anyone, but I've been working on the firewire problem I've been having. Firewire devices will only work if I have them powered on and connected when I boot. After any powerdown or disconnect, I can't get any firewire device to work unless I reboot. Just to experiment, I decided to boot with my usb key, which doesn't have a DSDT and has a few different kexts. When I boot this way, firewire devices work the way they are supposed to with no problems whatsoever. So, it comes down to the DSDT or one or more kexts in /Extra (although, I don't have many in my Extra folder). I'll work on it some more this weekend to see if I can pinpoint the problem. If anyone has thoughts or ideas about this issue, please let me know. Thanks! BTW, I am using the DSDT from Tony's site, except I removed the graphics card information.
  10. I have an annoying problem with my MSI P55-GD65. Firewire drives and video will not mount/are not usable unless I boot with the device powered on. If I turn the device off or unplug it, it won't work again unless I reboot. Does anyone have an idea how I could fix this issue. BTW, this is with the onboard firewire. I'm sure I could use an ad-on card and get it to work no problem (that's what I did on my other hack). I was just hoping to get by without doing that since this board has the built-in firewire. Thanks.
  11. One question - where should a get a UUID for my system? (Sorry if this has been asked... I've been following this thread for quite a while, but sometimes my memory slips. I do know that I can get a string to use in the platformuuid.kext from the hard disk id. Would that work, or should I get one from somewhere else? Thanks)
  12. Here's the 'Graphic Card Free' DSDT.aml for the MSI P55-GD65. Keep up the great work everyone! DSDT.aml.zip
  13. I got sleep working. It was easy - just needed to change the BIOS to S3 sleep. One other note... The DSDT Tony has for the MSI P55-GD65 has an NVidia GeForce 8800GT video card listed in it. The information wasn't causing any issues that I could tell, but the information in system profiler was wrong as well as the memory available to the card. So, I used DSDTSE to remove that bit of code and recompiled a DSDT without that info. Now my 9500GT shows up correctly using the Graphics enabler in PC-EFI. If anyone is interested in the 'video clean' DSDT, let me know and I can post it. Thanks to all!
  14. Check your personal messages for a link to the files I used. Although, they are similar to the files posted here above. I use the stock 10.6.2 Apple HDA. I'm sure I can get sleep working, I just haven't had time to mess with it - very busy these days. I can't comment on the video card issue. My computer simply restarts after sleep. No strange colors here. I'll update after I do more testing, but it might be a few days. For now, I'm happy that it is working great... except for sleep. Thanks for the files.... so I can do more experimenting. One quick question: Do I need to use the sleepenabler kext to use sleep, or is the DSDT enough? thanks again!