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  1. Snow Leopard install applet never starts

    bah, figured it out finally. Putting it here for others searching. Installer fails to start. Installer doesn't start. FakeSMC, ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal©AppleComputerInc
  2. I have a weird issue that will just not go away. A quick summary of my install media: * Restore SL onto 16GB USB stick * Install Chameleon bootloader RC4 onto usb drive * Replace 10.6.2 kernel with an atom patched one * Use disabler.kext to block AppleIntelCPUPM * Remove appleHPET to solve USB flaky-ness The install media above will boot into the window manager pretty quickly but the installer window never appears. I have tested this on an Atom netbook and a dell Core 2 duo... same behavior. The mouse is active and if I move the mouse and click one or two times the color waiting cursor will pop up. I've let the machine set like this for >1hour without any success. I've already restored the SL install disk to the USB drive several times to make sure it didn't fail the first time. Ideas? Thanks!
  3. Core i7 2.66 8GB DDR 3 Ram GeenBenck 8900?

    bah.. I wish I had the money to throw down for an i7
  4. Growl without QE/CI

    as far as I know, Growl has always required QE/CI, without QE/CI it wouldn't be able to render the alerts very well.
  5. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Great Job! Thanks for all the hard work on this!
  6. Thats it.. Ive HAD IT!

    This stuff is tricky. Remember, OS X is designed around apple hardware. As generic PC hardware varies so much (different chip sets, drivers, etc) it gets buggy. Remember the "Hack" in hackintosh :angry2:
  7. Great {censored} work JaS. Ignore all the jackasses talking {censored} about you taking donations. It took an ASSLOAD of work to get OS X running on the pc platform, osx86 may encourage Apple to release on the x86 platform someday. I'm PM'ing you to donate. Thanks!