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  1. As far I know, the new laptops with GTX 10 family are not using optimus, since they are meant to GSync. But I could be wrong, we need more info what laptop model are you using?
  2. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    For the Airport cosmetic fix you can still use the old one. find 6B100000750D replace 6B1000009090 for the 5Ghx fix you can use the 10.10.2 beta patch previously posted find 5854005D1954210000 replace 5553008DA85EB60009 and for the handoff fix you can use this one previously posted too. find 4885C0745C0FB748 replace 41BE0F000000EB59 Tested in 10.10.2 official update build 14C109. Good Luck
  3. Go to http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?39406-ASUS-G750JX-OSX-Mavericks-INSTALL-GUIDE all you need is there Good Luck
  4. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Is still working for me in DP 8 Good Luck
  5. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    No hand off option in DP8 with BCM94352HMB, it seem we need to patch something. Good Luck
  6. AREOS

    Handoff Option Gone in DP7

    yep same card BCM4352HMB and same issue. Good Luck
  7. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Thanks Skvo it works great!!!, but I lose the had off option in general system preferences it was there previous DP´s. Any one does have the had off option?? In DP 6 I got sharingd[850]: 12:28:59.896 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:YES, Instant Hotspot:YES, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:YES, Remote Disc:NO) An in DP 7 i get sharingd[349]: 12:42:16.555 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:NO, Instant Hotspot:NO, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:YES, Remote Disc:NO) Good luck
  8. The GFX0 part is in other SSDT and since my laptop does´t have the intel card enabled I suppose that´s it. I will take a look to have SPDIF enabled, for the HDMI part since you have the JS model you need to find if the HDMI is connected to the Intel or Nvidia card. As I said before for the intel look for the Toleda/PikerAlpha method, and for the Nvidia you just need to inject the correct info to your DSDT. Good luck
  9. Here is it. Good Luck Ok, I´ll try but give me some time, those are just for disable the node complex, is just for avoid some warnings in log. Good luck G750JX-DSDT.dsl.zip
  10. I don´t now what are you people doing, I give you my Full working AppleHDA for G750 JX/JH including Speaker with subwoofer, headphone, internal an external mic. For HDMI you just need to inject the right info using DSDT or EFI string if you are using Nvidia (inside G750JX, JH) if you are using Intel card (inside G750 JS/JZ) you will need the Toledas/PikerAlpha method. Good Luck
  11. Hi, I´m using clover, but my setup is a G750JX and is different so I don´t recommend using other DSDT but instead built your own. As I saw in the ROG forums you can´t disable optimus in your setup sorry, you need to use the intel card and disable Nvidia card using SSDT or DSDT patching for avoid power consumption. Good Luck
  12. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Thanks Skvo, this works for me too. Do you have Hand off and Continuity working??? Good Luck
  13. Here is it!! Good luck And this is the latest AppleHDA I have for the G74SX AppleHDA.kext.zip AppleHDA.kext.G74SX.zip
  14. AREOS

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    I have this bug too, in DP3 kext to patch does´t work any more, since no more coincidence looking for 01 58 54 in AirportBrcm4360 kext. We need a new patch. Great Skvo is working on it!!. Good luck
  15. In Yosemite the Apple nvidia drivers works just fine I test this up to DP2. I don't have the G74SX any more but I can search for the last version I had. Good luck